Thierry Henry jokes with Harry Kane after Bayern beat Man Utd! 🔴⚪ | UCL Today | CBS Sports Golazo

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    Harry Kane joins Kate Adbo, Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher after Bayern Munich beat Manchester United in their Champions League opener.
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@corduroycrook +6

This is the most personality I’ve seen off Kane in 10 years 😂

@squirtreynoldscinema +12

his english definitely improved in germany

@ovidiubotan2250 +3

How can you not like Kane, such a modest guy, great signing for Bayern!

@Don-tk4cd +1

Even I, as a German who is not a Bayern fan, can only say that Harry Kane is an absolute enrichment for the Bundesliga, both as a person and as a footballer.

@kimchicracka +2

He’s still learning how to play with his teammates but he’s still making a contribution every game. What a player.

@vjudesan +2

i just really enjoy Thierry analyze the game at a high level while being entertaining at the same time. What a legend.

@lonestar00_ +194

U can literally put this man in every team and he wouldn’t change his style and would still score 25+ goals a season, what a player he is

@samburgess6899 +493

Kane is such a modest guy. Humble and polite. You seriously can't hate him. He's such a gentlemen

@maxchan9537 +1

Carra’s attempt at saying “viel Glück in München” was class 😂

@dianataurai901 +1

I can finally love Kane without the rivalry 😅

@sahildoshi4438 +927

Spurs fan but you can't really hate Henry. Proper personality in football.

@atomaticom1821 +160

Notice how Kane still says “we” when referring to Tottenham. You can tell how much he loves the club.

@MF-oe2ze +201

I love how Henry introduced himself as if Harry might mistake his voice for Carra 😂😂

@wefinishthisnow3883 +374

Thierry was a cracking player, among the EPL's best ever, but he's also a funny TV personality. It's SO hard not to love him and I don't even like Arsenal.

@yezenabda4621 +215


@IAMJEFFREY-cw9ns +95

Harry Kane has been a world class striker for about a decade now and I really hope he wins as mamy trophies as possible with Bayern Munich. A player of his quality deserves winners medals around his neck.

@TheGauravkumarrathore +171

Kane is an absolute blessing for Bayern contributing goals and assists, and having such a positive vibes all around 🙌 👏 ❤

@mikaelflyer6482 +459

I love how Henry loves the red and white so much still ❤

@victorsguitarinspirations +46

The fact that he can go to Germany and out of his confort zone with his qualities to grow as a player puts him way above most PM players

@se7en_sc941 +63

Notice how harry still says "we" when talking about spurs? Great guy. Will always be one of our own


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We Dumped $50,000 into our $500 Civic


Harry Kane's miraculous start with Bayern Munich


Harry Kane's miraculous start with Bayern Munich


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Meine Kritik an StrgF & wie sie arbeiten