The Struggles of a Storytime Youtuber (ft.

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    00:00:00 Emily is here
    00:01:37 Connor is the reason why Emily moved to Japan
    00:04:37 Deer at Nara park are vicious
    00:07:58 Comparing your skills to other artists
    00:13:24 Emily studied to be a teacher
    00:15:35 The animated music video that changed Emily's life
    00:18:59 Telling your parents you do DE-film for a living
    00:24:09 Emily's first videos
    00:26:35 Joining the story time community
    00:27:55 Gaining 2 million subscribers in 2 years
    00:31:42 Emily's friend who didn't want to talk to her until she was famous
    00:35:33 Female DE-filmrs are put into 2 boxes
    00:39:07 Twitter went crazy over a pic of Sydney
    00:40:49 People forget that DE-filmrs have a private life
    00:42:15 Swearing in videos, guys vs girls
    00:47:49 Old friends who wanted to talk when you became big
    00:51:21 Getting a visa was like The Hunger Games
    00:53:20 Trying to differentiate people
    00:56:13 Japanese locals think Emily is one of them
    00:58:25 How to memorize kanji
    01:01:26 Coffee has arrived
    01:05:51 Japanese locals love to teach you Japanese
    01:08:07 The delivery guy ignored Daidus to talk to Emily
    01:10:33 Japanese can talk in English but won't talk in it unless you do as well
    01:17:15 People who speak every language
    01:18:49 Connor was annoyed that a guy at a strip club was vibing
    01:20:24 Joey trolled a girl by pretending to not speak Japanese
    01:21:53 Talking behind a tourists back
    01:25:47 Joey has to reserve all the tables
    01:31:27 Places Emily wants to visit in Japan
    01:32:18 Japanese strawberries
    01:34:34 Fruit baskets are insanely expensive
    01:37:26 Japanese strawberries are crazy big
    01:40:53 Having an actual sleep schedule
    01:42:44 Teamfight Tactics
    01:46:58 Counterside
    01:48:01 Connor gushes even more about TFT
    01:50:52 Emily's favorite character in League
    01:52:23 Emily's thoughts on Jujutsu Kaisen
    01:57:50 Emily explains her anime taste
    02:05:00 Baki and Jojo
    02:08:55 Daidus likes drama
    02:10:46 Understanding anime films
    02:14:38 When They Cry
    02:17:32 Being an edge lord
    02:19:02 Connor loves Katanagatari
    02:20:28 Emily has decided to consume more content
    02:24:50 Enjoying chill anime
    02:29:49 Look at Emily

@realkingofantarctica +18628

First Daidus, now Emirichu. Next they should get CDawgVA on the show and the trilogy will be complete.

Vor year
@JustAPokemonCommentingOnVideos +4507

they should make CDawgVA the permanent member of trash taste and replace this cannur guy

Vor year
@Ash_Wen-li +1693

Definitely. I think Sebastian would be a good fit for the show

Vor year
@jasonkeith2832 +1702

@@JustAPokemonCommentingOnVideos Why stop there? We can replace that Manga Lad Josh with Anime Man Joey.

Vor year
@spritepunk +896

@@jasonkeith2832 and replace Garnt with Galter

Vor year
@jackie_stones +67


Vor year
@adorkablemikey +1565

Cant wait to hear about Emily's "I don't have the time for this" friend to stumble upon and/or watch this video.

Vor year
@PrograError +47

i'd be surprised... coattail riders prob never changes...

Vor year
@OurCumrade +5


Vor year


Vor 14 Tage
@ivy5554 +1966

I wish Emirichu could be a regular trash taste member, she's hilarious and brings a perspective I've been missing on their regular podcasts. 😆😊

Vor year
@Histerdcap +18

i totally agree with you but also no.

Vor year
@Jay9966 +70

@@Histerdcap lol if they get too much common sense I won't be able to able laugh at their trash takes, but I think Chris would be great, he's also full of funny shit.

Vor year
@raynjpg +7

@@Jay9966 chris is fucking hilarious

Vor year
@namelessking111 +30

Not as a member but a recurring guest, but yeah that would definitely be nice.

Vor year
@deeznutz4517 +1

No, just the boys

Vor year
@paparoxo3606 +709

Poor Emily, it's funny because it looks like she's in a court, there's a time she's even afraid to say what anime she likes, she says then she looks at everyone around to see if they approve it, amazing episode as always.

Vor year
@alaebk7825 +56

me and emily have similar taste it's like seeing me getting roasted

Vor year
@hughjanos3992 +21

that taste being based, spy x family is goated

Vor year
@namelessking111 +36

I feel like there's really nothing wrong with Emily not liking Shonen animes, i mean girls are definitely less inclined to watch a bunch of people beating the shit out of each other and that's completely normal. Most shonen animes are completely overrated anyways lmao.

Vor year
@antonymilne1346 +1

Because she knows these fellas, she knows any moment they could just pull out a blow-gun and dart her for am anime take lmao

Vor 6 Monate
@aaztral19 +277

If Emirichu likes romcoms and Daidus likes drama romance they should watch Kaguya-Sama together

Vor year
@UltraPrimal +220

As a female creator, I can relate to what Emily was saying. I like some dirty humour, but I find whenever I make a somewhat risque joke in a video, I usually get push back and people telling me not to make those kinds of jokes. So most of the time I find myself censoring those kinds of jokes, or having to find ways to slip them under the radar.

Vor year
@undeniablySomeGuy +17

yaaay i love paternalism and infantilizing

Vor 10 Monate
@Nightmare2.03 +2

Yeah, I agree. Take for example Onlyjayus, who got an insane amount of hate and backlash for a joke that might have been slightly offensive.

Vor 7 Monate
@lexthechex +11

​@Nightmare2.03 ....this has nothing to do with that-

Vor 5 Monate
@chubbybunny6975 +8

@@Nightmare2.03 Getting called out for potentially being racist is nowhere near the same as a woman being shamed for saying the word "penis", what kind of drugs are you on?

Vor 3 Monate
@jan3034 +5309

The only reason why Emirichu and Daidus have moved to Japan is so that Connor can do 2 more crane game videos lmao

Vor year
@HouseMDaddict +53

🤣😂 fr though

Vor year
@matthew_natividad +44

Worth it?

Vor year
@lettuce1626 +100

Connor is running out of people man

Vor year
@jstark107 +38

nah it was for his $80 cosplay vid

Vor year
@alytemple2168 +6

ngl id love to watch that

Vor year
@Misterluigi2 +302

Was a really fun episode. And hey, for the anime fans, talking about Emirichu's tastes managed to get the boys to talk about anime for a bit :')

Vor year
@Jay9966 +11

damn this was supposed to be like an anime podcast right? Completely forgot

Vor year
@Anipalooza +422

Emirichu talking about how she worries about not being good enough at art to be worth her success and worrying that she might upset "more skilled" artists is so understandable, but also so ironic to me because it was literally while watching her more simple approach to her videos that I truly believed I could start my own animation channel! Sure there probably are other people who get mad and think they're better at art than she is, but for me I saw someone at a similar art level as mine succeeding, and it meant I didn't have to wait until I was "better" to start putting my work out there. So thanks Emirichu!

Vor year
@allyshazaelani5130 +190

I feel like I understand Emily's taste in anime and I want to help explain so badly

Vor year
@UNIT0918 +72

I have similar tastes in anime as Emily as well. Me personally, I enjoy shows that are emotional and/or cerebral, as well as relatable or realistic. Shows that make me feel or think about the themes presented. Shows like Clannad present struggles that humans deal with. Madoka is more concerned with the moral and philosophical themes of fulfilling a wish in exchange for eternally fighting witches, rather than cool fight choreography. Shounen does nothing for me because half of it is fights that drag attention away from any plot progression aside from "this character is going to get hurt today". And when most shounen stories are about getting physically stronger and whatever, it gets bland.

Vor year
@kiki-qp7jx +13

@@UNIT0918 omg finally someone who explained it perfectly

Vor year
@f1r3hunt3rz5 +6

The eternal rivalry between Story VS Action

Vor year
@Killerqueen2000 +5

@@UNIT0918 usually i like those too but at the same time I love shows that dont take themselves that seriously and are over the top and creative like jojos or golden kamuy are so it depends. usually i still go for the more realistic ones that focus on character internal thoughts or character development

Vor year
@pablog.cabrera822 +507

45:57 If you knew Spanish you'd be surprised with the levels of dexterity Argentinians and Venezuelans have when it comes to swearing. Like, Spanish has thrice the amount of swear words/phrases, profanity and blasphemy that English does and these people use them all with such dexterity and creativity, as if they were stringing combos in a fighting game.

Vor year
@fzxfzxfzx +38

can confirm

Vor year
@ayofrtho7014 +44

Yes lmfaaooo it's brutal in spanish, I love being latina 💀

Vor year
@hamzamalik7851 +20

Now I wanna learn Spanish, It's already in my hit list.

Vor year
@juancruz258 +8

As an Argentinian. Can confirm

Vor year
@naokistv +2

Exactly why I love Spanish in certain scenarios

Vor year
@ruriva4931 +52

Could we get a trash taste spinoff with Emirichu, Sydney, and Aki?

Vor year
@UrWeid +1

I'd watch that for sure

Vor 3 Monate
@justaguywithnohair1104 +2

And chris as a guest

Vor 3 Monate
@lacrossev +1978

Emily is such a good friend, she avoided giving the boys fancy fruit so they don't call it mid and get cancelled again.

Vor year
@fabinagl7601 +19


Vor year
@yusebums7916 +9

again (?) what happen

Vor year
@Henry_III +38

@@yusebums7916 twitter having a tantrum as always

Vor year
@matthew_natividad +9

@@Henry_III no surprise

Vor year
@theredeyes10489 +91

Connor's logic this whole video: (in his best Jojo voice) "Emily, your art may be invincible, but you sure as hell aren't" *proceeds to bully her the whole video*

Vor year
@Carlos-ne3zf +4

"What was the song Emily?!"

Vor year
@Mobius_1s_Drunk_Brother +10

Emirichu's channel was what opened the gateway to the boys and their associates/friends for me. Huge props to her and to her top-tier videos.

Vor 4 Monate
@genericweeb3816 +72

"We're a real human being guys!" That's right Joey. Singular. You and Garnt ARE a human being

Vor year
@reasons4171 +2

That was hilarious 😂😂

Vor year


Vor year
@samhayes-astrion +200

I stopped drawing when I got partway through college too, and having taken several drawing classes, to focus on creative writing and what career I wanted. Now that I've got a certification for infosec and am editing my debut novel, I got myself a drawing tablet, and am trying to wake that side of me up again. It's never too late to take up old skills again. And I'm glad artist youtubers are there to give advice to novices like myself.

Vor year
@xeroify +2

wow that’s amazing

Vor 11 Monate
@ZReviews +359

14:25 - I had a similar experience with Architecture In college. First day the teacher explained basically the life cycle of an Architect. Would be like 20 years of dicking about before you get to design your first house or anything on your own. What a life-long nightmare. Peaced out the next day and changed majors to Business. Generic but helpful.

Vor year
@Shadowserpant00 +29

Generic but helpful 😂 I had the same thing with game developing, switched to software development. Just as hard but more money

Vor year
@seekerxiii +15

@@Shadowserpant00 There's good money to be made in game dev, just need to find the right place and role. Definitely harder to land a career in though.

Vor year
@ijustfelldown +4

You don't need to be an architect to design anything of your own as long as your designs stay within the code. I'm a civil engineer and I made my first ever building plans for a client right after finishing my degree. Your professor probably loved to scare people off. Anyway, hopefully business is working great for you.

Vor year
@EspeonMistress00 +4

The fact that you guys can switch majors just like that is wild. Here if you switch fields even within the same college or uni, there will be a lot of hurdles. Also you won't be taken seriously or seen as unreliable

Vor year
@ZReviews +10

@@EspeonMistress00 I don't know where you're from. But that stuff doesn't get out after college and changing Majors is pretty common. You don't need to tell an employer basically anything after graduation unless they're doing severe background checks. You're allowed to change your mind in life.

Vor year
@thomaspunt2646 +5183

I actually got into Connor's content because of his collabs with Emily. Now people can get into Emily's content through Connor.

Vor year
@VisualEnjoyer9756 +159

Same! I found Emily through a random youtube recommended video and I found Connor through her WebToon video xD

Vor year
@justacarbuncle9403 +36

I was the opposite and found Emily through Connor

Vor year
@ooffordays566 +40

Me too! I think it was around the time that the "Embarrassing Weeb Years" video came out, because her, Connor, and Daidus were collabing a ton at the time.

Vor year
@KnifePIay +11

Same. It came full circle.

Vor year
@harleyquinn7708 +13

Yeah! I saw a video of Emily interacting with Joey and got recommendeded Connors videos and then started getting into trash taste! It's weird how I'd never know about them if YouTube didn't recommend them to me

Vor year
@JoshuaHenelyThornhill +49

The absolute crackhead energy the trio CDawg. Emi and Daidus exude is just the perfect synergy with the BOYZZ !!! Love it !!!

Vor year
@izzywoods794 +34

I love the Emily and I have the same taste in anime (mostly). Feminine things get shit on a lot so its welcoming to see another gal be so unapologetic about her tastes

Vor year
@JulyKpop +63

I love how they ended up with judging her taste in anime. She just likes the simple, slice of life anime with some romance friendships and comedy. Simple as that. It is very interesting how her point of view on shonen shows is like normal because shonen anime by the name is targeting young male audience. Of course that is a typical opinion for a female viewer toward a typical shonen. I understand that yes, there is female viewers like myself, who like shonen and seinen. I don’t really like slice of life but I do enjoy the typical rom com and in contrast I love sport anime. But at the end of the story it is all about “Did you enjoy what you were watching?” If the answer is yes, then it is all that matters. If the answer is no, then spend your time watching or reading something different within your confort zone. We all have our own taste and opinion. And I just like how she was being honest about hers and shared her passion for drawing. Love Trash Taste for being true to themselves 😊

Vor year
@octorokpie +63

Emily gets it. Perfect taste in anime. No notes.

Vor year
@aovuenqpcjej3148 +160

1:03:30 They were talking about the hiragana pu ( ぷ ) but Mudan accidentally put up the katakana pu ( プ ) which is fair cause it was kinda hard to keep up with the conversation. Also dang I never noticed how much ぷ looks like a man running until Connor said it.

Vor year
@sopapopp +17

Omg I already could see how the katakana one looked like someone running but the hiragana one is on another level

Vor year
@hidd3nweeb +29

katakana pu is like naruto run lol. or it also can be butterfly knife.

Vor year

​@hidd3nweeb right!? My first thought was Naruto run the second I saw it😂

Vor 2 Monate
@gustythebest +10

Emily's taste in anime is similar to mine, I also think that the slice of life moments in JJK make it better, one of my favorite parts is when Yuuji wonders what his friends are doing since he hasn't seem them in a while during the Junpei part and we get to see them practice. It makes Yuuji a more human character as he is shown to care about them rather than the plot just being about the current task at hand.

Vor year
@kai_mp3 +42

Connor's favourite fruit being bananas is so perfectly on brand

Vor year
@ronyboylive6934 +33

Did anyone notice Emily is having 2 drinks simultaneously... just like she said in her video 😂😂

Vor year
@-emir5484 +44

I got how emily worjs when it comes to anime, she likes more psychological battles where the thoughts behind every action are explained and that is thrilling. When it comes to fast-paced physical fight scenes, the thoughts behind each punch are non existent or hard to figure out since everything is happening so quickly so it gets overwhelming for her

Vor year
@killhall021 +15

As soon as Emily said she was with her parents on the trip I immediately remember her story animation about the trip

Vor year
@venator-yv1gw +5092

“Oh Connor why haven’t you fed the deer?” Connor not wanting to admit he’s afraid of deer: “I dunno, it’s kinda far innit.”

Vor year
@laboon344 +33


Vor year
@walkingchopsticks6731 +150

Flash back to the episode when he said he’s scared of deers but not bears 😂

Vor year
@otakusan5497 +20

That’s just British people in a nutshell right?

Vor year
@josir1994 +44

Connor: "I'm busy with the sheep"

Vor year

Deerfobia not a joke 🧐

Vor year
@midas7332 +73

I liked Horimiya quite a lot cause the main character confesses quite fast and there are multiple relationships, i like the music and art style as well

Vor year
@shrekisloveshrekislive2090 +11

If miyamura and or the horis are on screen and especially if they're together it's 10/10 if it's a side character storyline not so much with an exception or 2

Vor year
@monamagican +9

I personally, liked the beginning, but the longer it went the more disappointed I got. There were like a few side plots that opened and never got finished or talked about again. And I just felt like the ending wasn't enough... I felt like something was missing. The art was very good though.

Vor year
@babyrath8621 +4

It’s a bit of a disservice to put it on the same (fruit) basket as the more gimmicky rom coms, and I enjoy it a lot, but in the end it doesn’t do anything another rom com hasn’t done, it just executes it with characters that actually talk to each other

Vor year
@Sirthatguy +10

This is very sweet because you can see how close of friends they are. If there ever was a fight for a fourth permanent co-host, Chris finally has someone to compete against him.

Vor year
@itsederrengifo +14

I totally get what Emily said about "I just don't want to be stressed out". I guess you reach a point in life where if you have some time to chill, the least thing you want to is to get scared or feel stress, it becomes a choice! It has been years since I watched a scary movie and you know, I don't miss them!... I got you Emily

Vor year
@sirmoony5633 +72

Moral of the Story: Just because a YouTuber is female, doesn't mean she has to be put in the binary box like it's "good" or "evil." She can be able to feel free to do whatever she wants regardless of how other people view her because nine times out of ten, it is just mindless shits and giggles!

Vor year
@rafarmc1404 +27

Connor breaking the 4th wall with his looks crack me up

Vor year
@Baglets +2433

I've never laughed this hard on a trash taste episode since the great chicken debate bit, definitely already on my top 10 episodes. Also you should bully Emily more

Vor year
@kumaku9073 +27

Oh you're the one who uploads animations I like ur wurk 🤝

Vor year
@MiniflickATC +11

Same lol but saying that Emily rivals Garent when it comes to shit takes lol

Vor year
@Zen-zt4uk +2

Mans casually pulled a "P.S" at the end of the comment and just said to bully someone else lol

Vor year
@FrameFreakStudio +5

Now you have a lot of material to make clips xD

Vor year
@Ojisan642 +10

Yea this was really fun - between Emily being a good and enthusiastic storyteller, Garnt and Joey riffing and reacting, and Connor bullying, it was a great dynamic.

Vor year
@majdhaddad5348 +8

The death stare Emily gives conner here 1:35:22 is hilarious 😂😂

Vor year
@discreetscrivener7885 +43

As a medical interpreter the part where they talked about doctors is so interesting to me. In the US any medical provider that receives any amount of funding from the government is required to provide a medical interpreter as needed. You can get an in person interpreter or a remote interpreter. I wonder if Japan doesn’t have that. As Connor was mentioning about feeling like he’d be more comfortable if he had a native speaker to help even if he knows the words, having an interpreter even if you kind of know the language is very important in a medical context.

Vor year
@Chatteneko +74

7:01 the food | 14:06 get me out of here | 16:18 what was the song | 19:06 unlisted | 21:08 parents | 43:36 British pass | 1:00:00 no that's exactly it | 1:01:56 he ran off | 1:04:50 kanji class | 1:07:52 rip scientist | 1:10:38 broken EN vs broken JP | 1:16:49 blood friend disease | 1:17:40 flexing languages | 1:31:08 are you lost? | 1:35:25 the face change tho | 1:54:15 not built for shounen | 2:02:51 murder's ok as long as they're not physical | 2:07:31 meme bingo | 2:25:28 it's okay | 2:27:44 pain

Vor year


Vor year
@tristenbrown9736 +14

This episode made me realize we need a episode just talking about oddities of Japanese. I'm also learning Japanese right now and this episode cracked me up

Vor year
@lucus1340 +16

Emirichu's anime taste is so strange but a vibe ig, loved watching this for 2,5 hours while playing some chill games

Vor year
@Qiwak +2984

This is probably Garnt’s last episode as a bachelor. For us at least!

Vor year
@davehumphries +74

you've got one more episode before then. 102 will be the last

Vor year
@rektcompass6218 +48

didn't them film enough for a couple months? they're traveling for a while

Vor year
@shoobzy3431 +63

Yeah I'm pretty sure they filmed a bunch of them before leaving cuz Connor and Joey are already in the UK.

Vor year
@Spr1ditis +70

Wish Joey and Connor were still with us to witness his wedding.

Vor year
@carlovaldez7092 +21

On this timeline at least.

Vor year
@carogueva123 +20

I do kind of wish that during the discussion that at least Joey would have acknowledged that Emily just prefers Shoujo. Obviously there are more shows that aren't in that genre but I do see how she would mention one and they'd immediately go against it. Granted it was mostly Connor which is what I'd expect from him considering he watches the opposite types of shows.

Vor year
@kagemusha77 +5

As an Asian American that’s visited Japan a few times, I really appreciated this episode. I remember the first time I visited Tokyo I wanted to visit the sumo hall but hadn’t done any research on how to actually get there. I kept looking at my physical map (before smart phones were ubiquitous) and this group of guys near me were saying, “gaijin”. Seriously? I had already read Rising Sun by Crichton in high school so I understand, some locals don’t want to help and would rather “tourist watch” instead. But on that same trip, different day, while semi lost in a subway station, a complete stranger who didn’t speak English came running out from somewhere and asked us in broken English if we needed help and actually lead us to where we wanted to go. So having visited 3 times already, it’s no big deal. Just like in any country, there are helpful and non-helpful people around. But I do admit the Japanese locals are generally more hospitable and exhibit the best customer service overall.

Vor year
@seekthuth2817 +6

I've always understood the topics people talk about in life, but I've almost never properly related to what they were talking about, so Emily saying that わ was for Wario's fat dumpy was truly a magical experience.

Vor year
@chrisroy2674 +6

I'm jealous because you guys can keep conversations going for this long

Vor year
@bubbles710 +14

As someone who owns the entire English translation of Komi, it gets really good, but this is coming from someone who also has really bad social anxiety

Vor year
@bullrext +1375

Sometimes I forgot Emily is as real as Daidus is 2 weeks ago. Can't believe they're not just moving pixels Amazing episode 10/10

Vor year
@Eksevis +51

they literally just turned RTX on.

Vor year
@dunno4108 +50

Yeah can't believe they're fleshtubers

Vor year
@poison402 +4

i got so invested in the podcast it felt like a conversation between friends and viewer included 😭😭😭😭😭

Vor year
@nolifeloser9729 +15

It hurt so much to hear them talk about the madoka magica movie. I absolutely love madoka and I feel like the movie added so much and really changed the ending in a profound way. If anyone cares to hear my explanation of the movie, I’d be glad to share.

Vor year
@AkshayBhardwajtaletown +1

02:10:00 I knew exactly what Daidus’s taste is and nostalgia from 10 years ago hit me.

Vor 9 Monate
@eradicatorx7915 +14

Connor makes me crack up every time, i fucking love this so much

Vor year
@calebfong896 +38

My chinese ass instantly knew the characters of 血友病 in 1:17:14 when I was a failure in school. I finally feel like I'm chinese for the first time in 10 years. Thank you trash taste 😂

Vor year
@reyg6733 +2554

"Sex is just co-op fighting." One hell of a weird take but it makes sense.

Vor year
@TremereTT +82

every thing we do is about sex, except of sex. that is all about power.

Vor year
@TheRaininblack +4

What's the timestamp?

Vor year
@GothKuroBara +7

@@TheRaininblack 2:03:00

Vor year
@denzelmedes1780 +11

I think its a baki reference

Vor year
@frostfang1 +2

Same for dancing.

Vor year
@benjiman7259 +6

This is easily my favorite trash taste episode since the noriyaro feature like a year an a half ago, and was genuinely great throughout the *entire 2 hour runtime*

Vor year
@psjpocco +9

The Kanji for Connors affliction are actually word for word translations for the actual name. Hemo - Blood - Ketsu philia - love, affinity - yū (or as connor said „tomodachi-kanji“) and disease/affliction - byou Hemo-philia therefore indeed translatea to Blood-Friend-Diesease

Vor year
@luckybug479 +12

I’m not even a content creator and I relate to Emily where I feel like I’m put in a box where people think I’m super innocent and won’t swear and will stay wholesome and so I cater my personality to that because that’s the box I’m put in, that I put in myself, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to break free from that because I dunno it gets tiring. I can curse if I want to. I can understand sex jokes. I don’t need to be tip toed around like I’m a toddler. I do like using it to my advantage like when my friend is make a sex joke and she doesn’t know I’m there and I go “Hello.” And she panics 😂

Vor year
@lstriker8d882 +2

The Madoka movie was great and i understood what was going on the whole time. The bois hurt my soul.

Vor 5 Monate
@coralreeves4276 +2

It's so cute how they treat Emi like she's their favorite little sister they love to roast 🤣

Vor 8 Monate
@JohnHill +290

wait, so her first video got 4.1 million views? hot damn

Vor year
@tajfalconer6774 +13

The Skateboarding Legend John Hill! They need to get you on the podcast or a special teaching them how to skateboard.

Vor year
@yunyunpilled +6

@@tajfalconer6774 skateboarding special?

Vor year
@_marou_ +7

@@yunyunpilled more like hospital special

Vor year

@@yunyunpilled sk8

Vor year

The first video that she was in actually had 41 million views

Vor year
@RubyRoks +7

It's amazing how channels i thought existed for a crazy long time (Emirichu) are actually fairly recent, but channels i thought were fairly recent (Garnt, Connor) have been around for ages

Vor year
@Caliko +47

I'm one of the 10 Madoka Magica fans and I do call the movie continuation a masterpiece LMAO It's confusing on first watch but when rewatching it makes way more sense, I recommend

Vor year
@sopapopp +6

I am also one of those 10. Now we just need to find the other 8

Vor year
@GeoffreyVonbargen +5

I got it on the first watch through. It's a beautiful movie. I do see how it could be confusing though. Might have helped that I watched it with someone.

Vor year
@lemoncoatedcenturion8297 +7

Wait is being a Madoka fan rare or something or is this a meme or something. Cuz I thought Madoka Magica is a pretty popular anime. Most of my friends who aren't really into anime know about it cuz they're like "Oh it's that one series where the cute magical girls die alot"

Vor year
@sopapopp +6

@@lemoncoatedcenturion8297 being a madoka fan isn't rare but being a madoka fan who enjoyed the movie is rare

Vor year
@DavimaxPL +6

Same here, Rebellion is a masterpiece. It's not really that confusing at all, but because of how disconnected it is from the anime I can see how it could mess with someone.

Vor year
@hatsurrin +6

I will never understand how they manage to keep a conversation for over an hour like what 😩

Vor year
@GeoffreyVonbargen +17

The third Madoka movie was the best part of Madoka. Literally one of the best shows ever. Was a beautiful ending to the show.

Vor year

Also, that gun fu fight between Mami and Homura. _Legendary._

Vor year
@arha13 +1

I feel like a lot of people who didn’t like it hadn’t watched the first two movies or the original show recently before watching Rebellion because it makes a lot more sense while it’s fresh. Rebellion is genuinely a masterpiece and the highlight of the madoka series.

Vor year
@imstillplayingarknights +10

As a manga reader I can confirm one of the best chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen is the trio getting Yuji a date

Vor year
@ngjliang303 +926

Emirichu: *Breaths* Connor: Imma end this girl's whole career

Vor year
@xyznightwing +79

Sibling energy

Vor year
@shutdahellup69420 +8

Lmao fr

Vor year
@I3rigand +2

The thing is, in America it's really hard to tell if someone isn't from America without actually just asking them. I know that not all Americans think like this, but there is no language or ethnicity that if I run into someone when I'm out and about I won't just assume they're an American who happens to be Vietnamese or speak Dutch or whatever.

Vor year
@skilledfor +12

This was actually a really motivating episode! Hadn't subbed before but now did ^^ maybe I'll pick up that dusty drawing tablet too hahaha

Vor year
@antonybrisson4090 +2

Her laugh is amazing! Great energy Love her , bring her back one day.

Vor year
@purpletigerluver5678 +12

Y’all should get people on the podcast to talk about anime other than shounen! There’s some great battle shoujo out there! Emily’s taste in anime is deff relatable to a different type of anime watcher :)

Vor year
@aprilblenk +2

I laughed out loud so many times this episode! Both Emily and Daidus blend so well with the podcast

Vor year
@StaticP +1952

Thanks for calling my song cute.

Vor year
@twinkiesmaster69 +169

Its not i like your song or anything

Vor year
@MrArrex +24


Vor year
@shahriyar5311 +22


Vor year
@jdr7028 +13

yo that's a throwback hahaha

Vor year
@BattyWanderer +1


Vor year
@MasterYoshitaka +11

A little disappointed when I found out that they boys totally forgot about Magica Madoka's plot and even waved the 3rd movie as being more complicated than Eva. Sad they lost their touch.

Vor year
@Loaf0fBread +5

Emirichu is out here doing God's work representing for the girls on trash taste! I love slice of life; Shonen anime is too intense! I'm here for the rom coms and magic girls!

Vor year

i love emily and connor's friendship lmao

Vor 2 Tage
@KateIshida +4

I'm so happy Emirichu is here😭I love her energy!

Vor year
@elkc4355 +7

I love these guys. They're cheering me up after being kicked from my old squad of friends

Vor year
@mrpotato7734 +922

Dude seeing Garnt and Joey being synchronized saying "bitch" and adjusting themselves on the chair is so spooky at 46:23

Vor year
@HouseMDaddict +17

Omg! I noticed that too!

Vor year
@xiaoxaxo +20


Vor year
@SkyflyNB +9


Vor year
@mricardo96 +34

Nooooo not again hahahaha

Vor year
@Veristelle- +76

Another glitch in the simulation, don't worry about it, we'll fix it next patch.

Vor year
@erik___tttt3836 +9

I couldn't help but see this whole episode drawn the way Emily does her drawings when I listend to this on spotify.

Vor year
@Shadow_13 +2

Emily was like my inspiration to actually start trying to animate. Of course, my stuff is very primitive since I don’t have much, but her stuff inspired me.

Vor year
@putumban7738 +4

11:10 Emirichu: Really good artists might look at my stuff like its garbage Connor: Have you ever done that to somebody else's art? (Connor thinking about his drawings together with emirichu and daidus) Emirichu: No Connor: *R E A L L Y ? ? ?*

Vor year
@cherryjuice9705 +5

I think Emilys main problem with shonen is the way the plot/ the tension is build. In slice of life, it is really subtle and more character focused. Shonens really want you to know why something is happening so they overexplain and usually are like DID YOU GET IT?! HE IS MAD BECAUSE HIS FATHER SAID THIS EXACT WORDS WHEN HE WAS 6. I still love shonen but I totally get what Emily means tho

Vor year

This episode is making me want to learn more Japanese

Vor 3 Monate
@fartmicrowave +320

I love how Connor just takes ever opportunity to embarrass Emily like a sibling

Vor year
@nujevad28 +53

He's known Emily and Daidus for a long time and are some of his closest friends.

Vor year
@raifikarj6698 +4

yeah he is like Kaguya to Ishigami but Instead Sister it was Brother

Vor year
@remyhavoc4463 +14

@@raifikarj6698 Kaguya doesn't embarass Ishigami though, Chika does, and Ishigams does the same to her. Kaguya treats Ishigami well and if Ishigami tries to embarass her, ain't no way he's surviving the wrath of someone who does Archery for a hobby 🏹😂

Vor year
@giiiizmo +2

Always love Emily's voice and laugh! So glad she's on Trash Taste ❤️😌😭

Vor year
@Simonemaendl +1

Honestly I understand Emirichu so much. Shonen fights can be super boring if you don't care about the characters... even if they're animated super dope. And a lot of anime protags aren't interesting, but you as the audience are supposed to relate to them... I can't even remember Jujutsu Kaisen dudes backstory or what he was all about... but I sure as hell remember Light and L's motives and thoughts. Chainsaw man or One punch man also got me a lot more invested, because their characters were a lot more focused.

Vor 9 Monate
@mikelp9600 +6

In regards to the madoka magica movie, it essentially serves as the conclusion for Homura's character arc, there's a good video about it called "Homura was never a good person - why rebellion is great", but honestly, as good as that video is in terms of explaining her character arc and everything she goes through I really felt like the dude making it talked about 30% of what happens in the movie lmao

Vor year

Damn, I would’ve thought Emily would’ve loved Horimiya lol. I really liked it! What I didn’t like though was the olive-y green haired friend. I thought she was cute but then she felt so toxic 🥲. Couldn’t get invested in Komi Can’t Communicate personally though so I agree on that one 😂

Vor 29 Tage
@skeiwvaiaidtsujakala8722 +2

definitely one of my favorite episodes, watched emirichu for a long time and she fits really well with the boys

Vor year
@XxGamer +1240

It's so surreal seeing her in person when all I ever known was her voice.

Vor year
@gustargento2645 +132

hers is way more believable than Daidus lmao, she at least appears a lit on twitter

Vor year
@treebush +97

She has irl videos on her channel though, one of her most popular video is literally just a selfie

Vor year
@sultan_3864 +16

@@treebush yeah lol, its literally in the thumbnail. its her and an art of someone that drew emily as the thumbnail.

Vor year
@user-yg7ck9ip3d +1

Daedus too

Vor year
@sultan_3864 +22

@@user-yg7ck9ip3d for daidus tho, he literally had a shit camera that you could barely see his face. That’s why people are surprised to see his face.

Vor year
@windsgrace688 +8

Strawberries in California from my experience are pretty mid but the best ones often come from roadside stalls or farmers' markets and even then those can get fairly expensive and can be pretty hit or miss depending on the harvest, the stall, and the season. They aren't my favorite fruit but I would never be so desperate as to buy them from a random grocery store unless I was going to make them into something else like a syrup.

Vor year
@ravisarin10 +1

2:00:07 - idk why this super casual high five was so funny to me but damn it I LOL'd

Vor year
@robbierootbeer8056 +7

as someone who loves all of the romance manga they were shitting on: help, I am suffering an extreme case of stockholm syndrome

Vor year
@cesaarrock +2

that moment when they show the wrong character for Pu, just for Connor to show it right after on his phone

Vor year
@Ikaros0153 +5

Speaking of people who mistake people for the wrong nationalities. While i went to japan with this big group, our guides had one of us ask for a picture in front of the shrine in asakusa. Of course they asked us to say "shashin wo tote mo ii desu ka?". Well one brave, valiant warrior walked up to two girls and said thaf line. Seconds later in perfect english they turn and go "we're korean". I felt so bad, but i had a feeling from the beginning so when it came true i was busting my guts laughing

Vor year
@ytnewhandlesystem42 +460

My understanding of this episode is "Geekplus hired Daidus and Emirichu to bring back the anime into the anime podcast."

Vor year
@cloverateuwu3302 +13

and I'm glad they did.

Vor year
@sifiz467 +1

In the first season of JJK, I have to admit Yuji does seem like your average shonen protagonist. But trust me on this, as a manga reader he does go through character development and gets better

Vor 6 Monate
@fullofkk +2

Emily's laugh is so iconic- i love it

Vor year
@germwarden7658 +1

Emily is so fun to listen to

Vor year
@eugenefindit +1

Trying to figure out Emily's anime taste is like trying to unlock the secrets to Atlantis. 😁

Vor year


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