The problem with Anime girls... [animation]

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sullivans2004 +92


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GurkenbauerTim +79

Nah thx

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Smol boi +15
Smol boi


Vor year
Kenan Schlueter +33
Kenan Schlueter

What a schitzo post. I love it

Vor year
General Mitty +18706
General Mitty

The fact that GI actually sponsored this video is hilarious. And they know who their audience is.

Vor year
Creep Dimensions +681
Creep Dimensions

Hey beside the other fucking weird bots commenting here, yeah man this is the audience and it sure as hell ain't the twitter audience. Granted I don't touch the game nor twitter but its funny watching them lashout especially towards artists on youtube

Vor year
The Siamese +98
The Siamese

Go home GI!!

Vor year
Justin Sanchez +294
Justin Sanchez

Oh the game also knows it's audience well. One of the character birthday greetings was titled "Let's meet up tonight..." and the attached picture was a sausage.

Vor year
TheMagikConk +39

@Justin Sanchez it's ya boi childe

Vor year
Bulbo Baggins +8859
Bulbo Baggins

I love how the boy doesn’t even remotely try to sound like a girl. He just lets out the most masculine and guttural scream imaginable

Vor year
Brayden Banks +437
Brayden Banks

That's just the FlashGitz Venti, Actual Venti has such an effeminate voice, he's typically voiced by a woman in most languages. Venti exudes true trap vibes, and the Genshin fandom (platonically) loves him for it.

Vor year
xSayPleasex +123

@Brayden Banks Interesting... but he was clearly talking about this video and what he finds funny about it...

Vor year
Mneech +177

To be fair, Japanese Venti is voiced by a 30-40 yo man

Vor year
Brayden Banks +18
Brayden Banks

@xSayPleasex OK, was just providing info JIC he wasn't a Genshin fan

Vor year
glass_knuckles +47

It's all good when the boy is that pretty

Vor year
Dark Mask +7463
Dark Mask

The fact he was willing to settle from "Ocean" to "three waifus with one being his best girl" is frankly quite a heavy step of character development all things considered.

Vor year
Oamiox Mocliox +13
Oamiox Mocliox


Vor year
Boris Chan +169
Boris Chan

he is basically Kasuma, 3 waifus with Megumin being his best

Vor year
Anonymous Troll +10
Anonymous Troll

I only like Krul Tepes.

Vor year
Anonymous Troll +28
Anonymous Troll

@Boris Chan While Subaru only has Emilia.

Vor year
Ryltar +3826

Fun fact: In mid 1800s Australia had a big rabbit plague and they coudln't get rid of them. At some point they just did something very irregular and they made fake rabbits that were more attractive than real rabbits. Attracted rabbits to the fake rabbits didn't breed and population was reduced. Now we have something similar with people and anime girls.

Vor year
generic name +432
generic name

Big brain moment

Vor year
Austin Fondren +367
Austin Fondren

A small sacrifice for the gene pool

Vor year
Ultimate Loser +314
Ultimate Loser

So, Australia is secretly doing it but for humans now. Got it

Vor year
izaq +73

This is scary

Vor year
Akib Zuhair Samin +59
Akib Zuhair Samin


Vor year
fuck off +1289
fuck off

The detail of him holding his hands in a jutsu hold instead of regular prayer hands was hilarious

Vor year
Uz. Criiminal A. UziAustin +54
Uz. Criiminal A. UziAustin

Lmao I didn’t even notice that

Vor year
Chris Burch +22
Chris Burch

I searched too long to find this comment! Cheers

Vor year
hlelo masuku +14
hlelo masuku

He prayed to the anime god

Vor year
That Guy +4
That Guy


Vor year
Tony Peppermint
Tony Peppermint


Vor 3 Monate
Hans of Axalia +654
Hans of Axalia

Japan has a really weird fascination about making cartoons with children/ girls fighting on the frontlines in a vaguely German setting

Vor 8 Monate
Chronos02 .* +44
Chronos02 .*


Vor 6 Monate
Steven +84

Well they were part of axis power.

Vor 6 Monate
PotatoeSnow +41

I think it's cool. Japan like the last place in world that still knows how to have fun, yet society feels like last people ever to want to have fun

Vor 5 Monate
Exstee +5577

This has to be the most meta sponsorship I have ever seen. The story, quality, and humor was superb as well. Bravo! 👏

Vor year

OMG HES DEAD!!!!??!!!!

Vor year
Tremendous Yeet +28
Tremendous Yeet

@K&M ALL HANDS ON STEAM DECK He never lived to begin with.

Vor year
Keith Fields +1
Keith Fields


Vor year
Nex +7

Lmao just seemed like a really funny dig at genshin. Thank god for sponsorblock

Vor year
thibautisserant +1233

For some reason, skipping the whole dream sequence to go straight to his death felt very satisfying.

Vor year
chocolate squirrel200 +10
chocolate squirrel200


Vor year
Nick Kohlmann +1
Nick Kohlmann


Vor year
Hugar 34 +37
Hugar 34

@chocolate squirrel200 wut

Vor year
Extant Fellow +3
Extant Fellow


Vor year
KaelEll +32

Oh my God that's funnier than the actual video

Vor year
KineticKurt +2618

2:25 I can't stop laughing at this part, literally me and other beginners when we meet Venti before we realize he's a boy. The most accurate thing I have ever seen

Vor year
Crismatic +242

Ikr and what's more relatable is when after the mc throws venti he says "fucking anime" it's so oddly accurate

Vor year
Spectre🌊 +101

@Crismatic astolfo Felix That weird green ribbon thing

Vor year
Trauma Queen +147
Trauma Queen

Speak for yourself, Venti being male just made him better for me

Vor year
ArtemisTheMighty +24

@Trauma Queen Same

Vor year
ToasterTheDoge +733

The fact that the protagonist did not lose any weight after going on a massive isekai quest proves that he was in a dream the whole time, like if you ran that much and fought that many enemies you would probably look like a JoJos character

Vor year
Elizabeth Winters +41
Elizabeth Winters

Especially in anime you'd be more chiseled than the Rock.

Vor 9 Monate
Roy +5

Or Forest Gump. You don't get muscles by just running around...

Vor 8 Monate
Trevor Supek +23
Trevor Supek

@Roy well thats just from running around, if you did like the traveler, ya know climbing like crazy, running everywhere, and fighting loads of enemies, you’d definitely be a bit toned

Vor 8 Monate
Just wanna Be Happy +4
Just wanna Be Happy

Steroids are also needed for that.

Vor 8 Monate
FreeToPlay Scout +653
FreeToPlay Scout

As soon as I heard "the ones where the girls are also somehow Prussian field artillery" I knew this was going to be gold.

Vor year
Republic of Octania +33
Republic of Octania

I’m surprised that there was no mention to either girls und panzer or kantai collections where the main characters play a sport involving tanks and are personified versions of Japanese ww2 naval vessels respectively

Vor 11 Monate
Minh Ng +1
Minh Ng

What does it mean? I dont get it

Vor 7 Monate
SamFromItalia +7

@Minh Ng Prussia united Germany and is famous for it's militarism, it's famous for being extremely masculine and professional which is why people give it a sort of cool air

Vor 5 Monate
Warsie +1

​@Minh Ng it's a reference to mecha musume media like strike witches

Vor 4 Monate
7shinta7 [KFP Drill Instructor] +3
7shinta7 [KFP Drill Instructor]

As someone born in a former Prussian city, I want this anime to happen. 🤩

Vor 4 Monate
Beta Mixes +73
Beta Mixes

"The problem with Anime girls" Proceeds to show how the problem are not actually the anime girls themselves. I just love this channel.

Vor 8 Monate
No name Chad +12602
No name Chad

LOL I can’t believe Genshin sponsored this. Someone definitely has a great sense of humor there!

Vor year
Tubach +270

It's not really making fun of them tho so I'm not surprised

Vor year
Kovak +571

They kinda have to, seeing as their entire fan base is a joke

Vor year
horiami +216

I mean they do have a character that's a cringe simp Hell the latest event had a bird statue simping after mona

Vor year
Jacob Godwin +37
Jacob Godwin

They don’t sponsor individual videos, they sponsor the channel

Vor year
Dawn of the risen +3
Dawn of the risen

Truer words were never spoken

Vor year
te0nani +550

"My sister? Oh, it's one of those Anime's, huh?" I died.

Vor year
Buddha pyro +8
Buddha pyro


Vor 11 Monate
Walterious +2


Vor 11 Monate
【 Edgard 】 +3
【 Edgard 】


Vor 10 Monate
Empty_Bottle_The_2nd +2


Vor 9 Monate
Gojo +1


Vor 7 Monate
DevonsTooMuch +392

Mona's actual english voice is to die for. im so done 😂 you added Eula & Yae to your party 😂

Vor year
Maric +7

Is Genshin good for shonen fans?

Vor year

@Maric well you can join in the corner of META slave and debating who is stronger

Vor year
Maric +6

@RAI FIKAR J No thanks, as I don’t have any idea what you mean by that.

Vor year

@Maric I'm afraid you can't succeed in life

Vor year
Maric +3

@BLOODY L And why is that? Cause you will be proven very much wrong in the future. Just watch.

Vor year
The Intellectual Rabbit +260
The Intellectual Rabbit

This video truly transcends what a commercial is supposed to be. We have reached the pinnacle of waifu mountain... Thank you Flashgitz

Vor year

I didn't even know until I read enough comments that these are actually specific already existent characters for something, I thought it was just a generic anime girl and commentary about anime in general. It kind of makes it funnier, now knowing the full truth.

Vor 5 Monate
Mr. Pilgrim +170
Mr. Pilgrim

The final cut to him just lying there in a pool of blood is just sheer perfection XD

Vor 11 Monate
Erik Zolan +4488
Erik Zolan

I'm concerned that someone, somewhere, has hired you guys to write an actual anime series.

Vor year
Joshua Gilbert +93
Joshua Gilbert

I would love that lol

Vor year
priest117 +82

Its called ghost stories

Vor year
JOE Vandeleur +88
JOE Vandeleur

A Japanese light novelist likely beat them to it… “Transported to Another World by a PVC Concussion, I Collect All the Waifus Including My Sister”

Vor year
J T +16

Yeah that's it, this video was the *actual anime series* .

Vor year
SnapeInvader +3

Whereas I'm looking forward to it.

Vor year

The most unrealistic thing about this guy is that he didn't have 20 favourite anime waifus instead of just one important and a mountain of pointless ones.

Vor 9 Monate
Coffee Succubus +94
Coffee Succubus

The fact thry got Genshin AND an actual Japanese VA with Americans voicing stuff makes this amazing.

Vor year
Titus Constantine +96
Titus Constantine

This animation hit really close to home because a couple years ago I definitely acted like anime protagonist here. I was obsessed with collecting waifus but now I am Christian. Glory to God

Vor year
fio koneko +13
fio koneko


Vor 10 Monate
Lados Dominik +9
Lados Dominik


Vor 9 Monate
OsoTv +5


Vor 9 Monate
Gary Cartman +18
Gary Cartman

At first you collected wiafus, now you collect dudes nailed on crosses, not that much of a difference.

Vor 9 Monate
Spiro Dra +122
Spiro Dra

I love how Mona in this animation, wears her original outfit instead of the redesigned(censored) one.

Vor year
Blue Coin +5
Blue Coin

Pearl clutches ruin everything.

Vor 7 Monate
social coder +18
social coder

Legit laughed when Venti was like "I'm a boy". I remember playing Genshin Impact and not knowing for like 15 hours that Venti wasn't a girl. Looks like a girl and talks like a girl. Kind of weirded me out that they'll try so hard to make everyone androgenous.

Vor 5 Monate
Bon Von +2727
Bon Von

Flashgitz: Proceeds to make fun of weebs and their obsession with anime girls. Genshin: Time to join in on the fun.

Vor year
Putra +34

I don't think they're making fun of weebs lol

Vor year
Putra +23

@Dubious Information You mispelled LOL players

Vor year
Putra +8

@Dubious Information why is your reply not appearing?

Vor year
Soulie +77

Had no idea you could make an animation in this style. This was actually so good!

Vor year
Mark007 +18

The anime parts were animated like an actual anime, the whole thing was very well done.

Vor year
Tobias H +13
Tobias H

For something that was introduced to the world in 1962, the bunny costume aged really well. It's been 60 years and we are still loving them.

Vor year
Omega Defender85 +168
Omega Defender85

4:54 best part about this is that he left Waifu Mountain with an actually good team. Not the best, but it's pretty good.

Vor year
Gabrielfromuktrakill_bennefischlfan +10

Yeah I would add rosaria and replace Mona for xinqui or bennet

Vor year
Methane +5

Honestly, Kazuha or Venti, Bennett, Mona and some dps and there a good team. The guy took like 2 dps and 2 suport with no healer

Vor 11 Monate
Reina Hamazaki +4
Reina Hamazaki

What's the song at that part

Vor 11 Monate
Justin +8

.....You mean all of those are actual characters from Genshin? I thought they were all made up. Genshin really knows their audience lol

Vor 10 Monate
Leopard 2A6
Leopard 2A6

Blue haired girl is eula and pink haired girl is yae miko

Vor 5 Monate
Peter Ledergerber +52
Peter Ledergerber

You know, the thing that is bugging me with this is, that the nerd does not loose any weight. Going on any type of anime adventure would make anyone loose at least some weight, because of all the stuff happening.

Vor 10 Monate
Cymes +13

*lose It's just his imagination , after he got knocked into a coma by his unhealthy habit of collecting hard pieces of heavy plastic.

Vor 9 Monate
Buyereno GurlFwendo +5
Buyereno GurlFwendo

It’s all a dream

Vor 7 Monate
Aang Ionas +2
Aang Ionas

​@Buyereno GurlFwendo Dream ? Those male human straight to death !

Vor 7 Monate
Black +2225

This is actually pretty wholesome compared to everything else flashgitz makes

Vor year
Turd Ferguson +72
Turd Ferguson

No furries, no homophobia, no racism.

Vor year
Gonzora +205

@Turd Ferguson Yeah, I agree, without all that it's a little less funny. I hope the next video will get back to basics! :)

Vor year
Turd Ferguson +64
Turd Ferguson

@Gonzora nah, it was even more hilarious still! The sponsor being Genshin Impact had me literally rolling laughing!

Vor year
Arcturion Blade +88
Arcturion Blade

@Turd Ferguson I dunno. Tossing the pretty boy off Waifu Mountain seemed a bit sus.

Vor year
Sus man +64
Sus man

Now this is how a sponsored video should look like not boring 15 second explanation that everyone skips

Vor year
ChocolaAnimu4EvaXx3 +3

I genuinely like the way you animate anime in a flash style it looks great

Vor 4 Monate
Peter Parker +21
Peter Parker

can you guys make a series out of this? i love anime. hearing you joking and making fun of it makes me so happy. :D

Vor year
Robocatssj3 +21

i love this video, it's really fucking funny while also being a cool sponsor. and i'm glad Genshin's marketing team has such a sense of humor.

Vor year
Just_Being_Honest +5739

Is it just me or is Flashgitz’s animations getting better and better with each video?

Vor year
DerpyThe Cate +219
DerpyThe Cate

They have always been good artists, but crafted degeneracy is a skill and art form in itself that is to be respected.

Vor year
ThatBugBehindYou +57

They took all the sweet sweet cash from their sponsors and patreon (that was originally created to prevent all the sponsorships) then funneled it into a staff of people who help with the animation and other stuff.

Vor year
Umsly A. Ermington +1
Umsly A. Ermington

kinda this is better than North Korean Squid games.

Vor year
DrDriscollTV +1

I mean... If you were paid Genshin money you'd get better too.

Vor year
Lord Horses +6
Lord Horses

It's just you

Vor year
Bancho Mike +9
Bancho Mike

This is the first thing to make me actually consider playing Genshin again after like the first week of the Western release. Well done.

Vor year
Frogurt +9

my respect for genshin impact when they actually excepted this video for the sponsor increases every second

Vor year

This figurine that hit him must have been so expensive to ship considering how much damage he got from that anime woman hit lol

Vor year
★𝕄𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠𝔹𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕★ +4

Using the term "waifu" synonymously with Genshin Impact is treading in dangerous territory i must say

Vor 5 Monate

"Come, we must find your sister" "My sister... oh its one of *those* anime's huh" The culture is frighteningly strong with this one

Vor year
RJS +96

Welcome to anime! Where incest runs rampant and nobody wants to talk about it! Best wishes to your many mutant children!

Vor year
Acesahn +36

One of those animes...? That's literally every anime that has a sister.

Vor year
Quanta +37

Gigguk be like" found home"

Vor year
Anjaney Asreet Rout +22
Anjaney Asreet Rout

@Acesahn I mean...... Atleast Demon Slayer has a normal sibling relationship......

Vor year
Gonzora +47

@Anjaney Asreet Rout R34 artists disagree with you.

Vor year
Ptao Tom +16
Ptao Tom

The animation with the genshin style is so good I wouldn’t mind seeing a show on this

Vor year
GrimShock +20

I like that he drew them and didn’t draw super ugly versions

Vor 10 Monate
Antonio Oinotna +8
Antonio Oinotna

This was relatable and hilarious af. I love the ending 😂

Vor 11 Monate
Mr. puppy mustache +3
Mr. puppy mustache

Watching this actually makes me feel better about myself knowing that I am not like him

Vor 9 Monate
Kevin +2879

"I wish to literally drown in waifus." Always choose your wording carefully with wishes.

Vor year
Ren 「永遠の終わりに」 +47
Ren 「永遠の終わりに」

Sacrilege. Anime Jesus is not some sort of genius.

Vor year
DirtyDeedsDirtCheep +16

Monkey's paw

Vor year
john acetable +12
john acetable

If he said "inliterally" nothing of this fuck would happen.

Vor year
ネオ凪 +7

Basically the best ad ever made for Genshin Impact. Nice work.

Vor year
Accènted +1

Fr hyv sucks at advertising

Vor year
NoName +4

as someone who’s played genshin impact before the mountain of waifus is not an exaggeration, and someone from the genshin community really denied this when i told them 💀

Vor 8 Monate
miinyoo +3

Dude, these are brilliant. Binge watchable for sure.

Vor 6 Monate
JimmyZ +82

I like how the star he’s praying to looks like a Primogem

Vor 10 Monate
SMToon Entertainment +2
SMToon Entertainment

The stories are great as always 👍 have a good time everyone

Vor year
Zombie Goro +1367
Zombie Goro

The closing shot was absolutely beautiful. Not far off from the "lives" these poor bastards live out

Vor year
john smith +132
john smith

-He typed as he cried softly in his room alone with no friends.

Vor year
Nath +78

@john smith he's right mate. Just look at the average weeb out there.

Vor year
Mata Mata +28
Mata Mata

they are indeed their own breed. strange creatures

Vor year
The Gnarled Pirate +7
The Gnarled Pirate

Poor thing's mind is prolly hallucinating.

Vor year
TheUnknownVoidz +3

At least the mom can save her money for herself instead of using (wasting) it to buy her son’s weabo collectables.

Vor 9 Monate
Kodiak +3

i mean i knew Dawei (CEO of Myhörny / Hörnyverse) has a great sense of humor and is a memelord himself (also he does a lot of mocap stuff especially the females ones). The fact Mihörny actually sponsored the video makes it even better.

Vor year
Ben-Tao (Beneton) +10
Ben-Tao (Beneton)

_"That's just insane! I can only narrow it down to maximum of three"_ - He is not wrong. It's most of our needs. 👌😂 And ofcourse he pics up Eula and Yae miko 👌😂 But let's be honest this animated Mona looks and is voiced really good.

Vor year
Elliot McNally +4
Elliot McNally

I am so glad I stumbled on this! It was so perfect. Love the ending!

Vor year

The insanely high quality of these animations never ceases to amaze me.

Vor year
Reggie S Vincent +2736
Reggie S Vincent

"Anime Jesus believes in monogamy." Tell that to Japan cause they clearly missed that commandment.

Vor year
Gonzora +139

In the case of Genshin it is to the Chinese that we must complain. 🤔

Vor year
Ian Dall +35
Ian Dall

ANIME monogamy. ( Since 1880 ).

Vor year
Ralathar44 +118

Anime always has harams but the MC us supposed to choose. So Anime does believe in monogamy, it's just like 10 people competing to be monogamus with the same person in anime. Very very rarely is a character in anime actually in multiple active relationships without it being considered cheating or etc.

Vor year
Ivan Felipe +2
Ivan Felipe


Vor year

Im more busy collecting good gear than pulling characters as long as it’s a good a team that works well with Noelle…I guess she’s my version of Mona in this animation

Vor 6 Monate

pulling homa/aqua literally changed my whole account, so I can relate

Vor 5 Monate
Mecha Jay +6
Mecha Jay

The fact this video is a sponsorship for Genshin Impact just makes it more awesome.

Vor year
Nick Này Của Quý +3
Nick Này Của Quý

The animation is absolutely insane yet the sponsor is the most crazy for me

Vor year
John Dunn +3
John Dunn

well done. never before have i been so on the edge of actually playing this game

Vor year
M Douglas +7
M Douglas

It's a dark corner of the internet where my heart swells at the thought of a cartoon characture of a weeb bleeding to death fills me with hope

Vor 11 Monate
Johnny Light +2898
Johnny Light

I agree. This is a problem. There simply are too many waifus to choose from. How can anyone truly be best girl?

Vor year
CR +161

Maybe try going outside and touching grass

Vor year
Heaven Seeker +254
Heaven Seeker

@CR the problem is that when you touch grass, you would now have the time to think and truly reflect on what is best girl?

Vor year
Dustin Hartman +251
Dustin Hartman

@CR listen here, I just went out and cut the grass. At my house, I own, before age 30. Grass smells. It has bugs. It is annoying. Kallen from Code Geass doesn't. She is better than grass.

Vor year
Lorf Dorf +24
Lorf Dorf

@CR anime is apart of life as a form of entertainment though sometime it goes to far.

Vor year
Harry Chu +2
Harry Chu

I would love the concept that he's having the whole experience in just 5 seconds right before his inevitable death

Vor 5 Monate
Seraphim +18


Vor year
💜YourBoy🖤 +1

You made anime animation better in my opinion,I rate it 10000000000000000/10

Vor year
Jack Haggens +3
Jack Haggens

This is the most wholesome work that Flashgitz had done

Vor year
TheKnifeRaven +3

The most unrealistic part of the video is that the protagonist could actually push the "waifu ball" up the hill.

Vor year
Dan Cap +1495
Dan Cap

I like the idea of Tom and Don actually playing Genshin Impact to have a slight knowledge of it’s plot to put it in the animation.

Vor year
Helium - 3 。◕‿◕。 +21
Helium - 3  。◕‿◕。


Vor year
shantanu chaudhary +96
shantanu chaudhary

Or they just watched an incorrect summary by Max0r

Vor year
Evan Olmsted +12
Evan Olmsted

@shantanu chaudhary it's a high possibility

Vor year
Max501 +3

Or watch any current day anime...

Vor year
Ryan Dumaguit +14
Ryan Dumaguit

@shantanu chaudhary Genshin impact can be described as it's not about the plot, it's not about the combat, it's not about the weapons but it's all about the ROLLS.

Vor year
surferproh2o +2

I hate to say it but if genshin impact keeps sponsoring bangers like this I just might try it out

Vor year
medexamtoolsdotcom +2

Respect to animejesus for being so accommodating and giving the guy everything he wanted despite the guy being so rude to him. But maybe being animejesus, he understands that first of all this guy is the ultimate weeb and even though rude, is nevertheless truly his greatest follower, and secondly, holds weebs to different standards of courtesy than normal people do, after all he's isekaing him and ostensibly expecting weeb behavior out of him anyway.

Vor 5 Monate
chimyshark +2

this is just like MeatCanyon. The voice acting, the animation, and even the dark undertones.

Vor year
Jonathan Zentelin +4
Jonathan Zentelin

I can't believe Mihoyo contracted with our guys 😁

Vor 6 Monate
JohnRonMcTon +8

The protagonist shows perfect representation of how we’ve fallen as humans into pits of.. well you know being a weeb

Vor year

I just watched an anime where all the girls were somehow literally various brands and types of firearms. Pretty entertaining to watch but I have no idea how any of it makes any sense.

Vor 10 Monate
Hunter +1643

The fact the genshin impact actually sponsored flashgitz just goes to show the quality of their product and their intentions for future content.... atleast, it will show this if they actually sponsor them a second time.

Vor year

Genshin sucks imo

Vor year
Only Facts +27
Only Facts

God bless Genshin Impact

Vor year
wifi961 +21

No, what it shows is that the waifus sold the game pretty well.

Vor year
Billy Was Here +8
Billy Was Here

@wifi961 It's like the complete opposite of Western AAA games. 🤣

Vor year
Hunter +9


Vor year
Zolles +1

this character must absolutely have its own series

Vor year
Brandon Santisteban
Brandon Santisteban

As someone who got Mona as first 5* I can relate.... But unfortunately I already have my best girl Miku-san 💙

Vor year
HurQlez +1

I would love to see a “continuation” of this. Where the guy does a survey on waifu mountain for two other waifus. Like say “raise your hand if you are a Tsundere (not yandere, I’m not going to be stabbed in my sleep)”. Then say like “keep your hand up if you are skilled in mechanics”, maybe cup size too.

Vor 11 Monate
John Virtudez +3
John Virtudez

I love how Flash wholeheartedly chose Mona as the vessel of his """harem""" A very respectable choice! o7

Vor year

Excuse me what the f u c k

Vor year
SMG Mace (Forged Steel Production) +26
SMG Mace (Forged Steel Production)

Anime Jesus isn't real he can't hurt you Anime Jesus: 3:25

Vor year
bushman bushinov +1
bushman bushinov

There’s an entire bible manga it gets worse

Vor 4 Monate
Nutzeeb +593

the fact that they actually drew EACH of them with some amount of details is insane

Vor year
Heisenberg +19

The fact that tom and don played genshin unnerves me..

Vor year
Walter H White +6
Walter H White

@Heisenberg these are the only two genshin players that have touched grass

Vor year
♥Olga Gaming♥ +2
♥Olga Gaming♥

@Walter H White what? half of girls in my class played genshin

Vor year

@♥Olga Gaming♥ He's just a generic breaking bad fan(bet never the watch the fucking show but since everyone is doing it what makes it cool), his opinion held no weight to this conversation.

Vor year
Trevor Thompson
Trevor Thompson

Lmao, on his isekai quest his character development went from (self-proclaimed) harem protag, to Genghis Khan if he kept the women with him, back to a harem protag. Nice story arc.

Vor year

its so amazing how accurately they depicted the type of cringe filth that loves anime girls.

Vor 10 Monate
Wondrrboy +10

“I don’t care what Anime Jesus says, I have needs.”

Vor year
Marinus van Zyl +25
Marinus van Zyl

03:46. Dammit, Flashgitz, why you gotta be THIS awesome? XD

Vor year
Arturo Ramírez +3
Arturo Ramírez

Boy got a sequel and got his happy ending.

Vor 4 Monate
philponic +1222

"somehow Prussian field artillery" I spat my coffee out. Congrats on the Genshin sponsor Tom & Don!

Vor year
GunBlade +5

H_K Waifu is best Waifu!

Vor year
Valreg +20

Panzermadels is a thing because anime is weird

Vor year
gimburg1 +8

Girls frontline be like

Vor year
The Snow Nigro
The Snow Nigro

What's the context of that joke?

Vor year
J.A +15

@The Snow Nigro Anime (and gatcha games) like making Waifus out of military weapons, I kid you not. There are even Shipfus where they make waifus out of famous battleships Source: I played WoWs and accidentally fell into that rabbit hole. Didn’t know Gangut Battleship had big mommy milkers

Vor year
Hookah Otaku +3
Hookah Otaku

Please make a sequel i beg of you lol this is epic tier content

Vor year
Blazy Poo
Blazy Poo

That Venti part fuckin killed me lol. But one is not a true degenerate until they've stooped low enough to be obsessed with traps too

Vor year
Clip Clampson
Clip Clampson

I played to unlock Mona back on release, got her, upgraded to 70 and dropped the game. I see we have similar tastes. Also, how dare they have granny shorts and undo the upskirt mod. God I'm glad to be free of that degeneracy.

Vor 11 Monate
Iron Knight Gaming
Iron Knight Gaming

THe message is that looking at thousands of cartoon characters that look way better than anything in real life will rot your brain and make you have a false sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Vor 8 Monate
Marie Christine +3
Marie Christine

I'm currently busy building husbando mountain in genshin. I just want to be isekai'd towards Kaveh's strong, muscular, architectural dendro arms 😅

Vor 5 Monate

I think we should all take a moment and show some respect for how perfect the character design for anime Jesus was. I also like how the guy has these monstrous proportions, his head being way bigger than anyone else, and his eyes were little bitty beady things, while the actual anime (or rather game) characters actually have much more human proportions.

Vor 5 Monate
Ebin Jorson +2
Ebin Jorson

This is by far the best Genshin impact promo I've ever seen🤣

Vor year
The Warrior of Dorkness +8
The Warrior of Dorkness

If I was isekai'd into Genshin, I wouldn't even want to have a harem of waifus. I'd probably find Noelle, ask her to join my adventure, go on a long journey with her, build up a bond, propose to her, get rejected because she's married to her work, drink myself stupid at Angel's Share, stand on top of the cathedral and think about jumping, bitch out, drink more at Cat's Tail, eat an entire ham while Sara is distracted cooking, flee Mondstadt when the guards catch me doing it, live out in the wilds, get desperate for money and shelter, fall in with the Treasure Hoarders, chicken out of a job to rob an old lady of a priceless artifact, get kicked out of their organization, wander around the wilderness, get attacked by hilichurls, run for my life, end up in Liyue territory, get arrested by the Millileth because I forgot to remove my Treasure Hoarder insignia, end up on trial where Yanfei eventually proves my innocence, go out into Liyue broke and hungry, ask for a job at several places, get stuck with a freight and cargo job at Liyue Harbor doing what I basically do now in real life, get enough money to afford some small shack, live alone, survive on barely healthy food, never marry because literally every girl in the game is way out of my league, and die alone at 49 when a work-related injury finally does me in.

Vor year
sodium +3

and now you just need a ridiculously long title for your story and bam, we have ourselves anime

Vor year
MX-7 i-0N
MX-7 i-0N

You should write fanfiction then Sound good

Vor year
The Warrior of Dorkness +3
The Warrior of Dorkness

@sodium I Got Reincarnated In A Gacha Game But Didn't Get The Girl Because I'm Not The Hero

Vor year
sodium +2

@The Warrior of Dorkness this guy gets it

Vor year
The Warrior of Dorkness
The Warrior of Dorkness

@MX-7 i-0N I used to back in HS, but the chapters I wrote averaged less than 1 view a week for a year so I kinda just quit.

Vor year
MattLikesTrains [TAP]
MattLikesTrains [TAP]

He has perfectly given us an image of all weebs, fat, worships anime, when he dreams, it's anime, is a safety risk to everyone. Bravo

Vor 11 Monate
Emperor Lelouch +3
Emperor Lelouch

Absolutely legendary. Mona is peak waifu and this is the way.

Vor year
Bloop +8

3:10 you said you wanted to “literally drown in anime girls” so wish granted for the grantee! 🎉

Vor 10 Monate


Average game streamer


Average game streamer


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KS BLOOM - MARIAGE ( Clip Officiel )

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So This is Basically Genshin Impact


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Hell Blade this is intense

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