The Pizzelle Company - (Italy)

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    The Pizzelle Company -
    NuStef Foods Limited have always operated under the premise that our future success is directly dependent on the satisfaction of the customers we serve today. The adherence to this premise has made us the largest Pizzelle manufacturer in Canada. In the niche markets in which we compete, our products set the standard by which all comparable products in their class are judged. Because of our commitment to quality in ingredients, manufacturing, and packaging, you can be assured that NuStef Foods Limited products represent the best value available.
    In the beginning:
    Pizzelle are an ancient, traditional Italian cookie, enjoyed primarily by the people of the Abruzzo region of Italy. They were originally made on cast iron grills over a high heat. Pizzelle were always made the same way: with a great deal of time and patience stirring the mixture, dropping individual balls of dough onto the griddle, pressing it shut, and waiting endless minutes for one cookie to bake at a time. Fortunately this little piece of culinary art is now able to be enjoyed by those of us without the knowledge, time, or equipment to prepare them conventionally.
    In 1985, NuStef Foods Limited introduced this time-honored tradition to Canada, overcoming the obstacle of finding equipment that could produce multiple Pizzelle at a time. NuStef Foods has grown so that as far away as Taiwan, New Zealand, and Mexico to our neighbors in the United States, people like you are enjoying these superb unique cookies daily.
    We are one of the few companies in Canada that ship products back to their original country of heritage -- even Italians in Italy think our products are better than their locally made ones.
    We have an excellent staff who are responsible for making our success possible.
    The word pizzelle means, loosely, "small, flat, and round" in Italian. These waffle-type cookies are made by pouring batter between the two plates of an iron, which is then held over a fire or heated electrically.
    Pizzelle were first made in the south-central area of Abruzzo (now the Region of Abruzzo) in the 8th century. Two small towns each claim to have originated the treat, which are featured in their yearly festivals:
    The citizens of Salle, in the Province of Pescara, celebrate the festival of Beato Roberto every July. Celebrants walk down the street carrying branches on which pizzelle are hung as an offering.
    In Cocullo, in the Province of L'Aquila, the celebrants eat pizzelle during the festival of their patron saint, Domenico. They cover his statue in snakes and carry it around the town.
    These days, pizzelle can be found at almost any celebration in the Abruzzo region and across Italy. It is a rare Italian wedding that does not serve pizzelle at the sweets table. These cookies are closely associated with family; in fact, pizzelle irons have been fashioned with the pattern of a family's crest. Pizzelle are also popular in countries with large Italian populations, such as Canada, the U.S.A., and Australia.

    The  Pizzelle  Company  (Italy)  

alex hernandez
alex hernandez

eating some right now, hmmmm so gooood!

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Denise Williams
Denise Williams

You haven't tried a BellaPizzelle! That is authentic!

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Pistol Pete Quarelli - Stratis
Pistol Pete Quarelli - Stratis

I am very pleased with the quality and taste of this product. The best compliment that I can give is that this pizzelle cookie is authentic and delicious.AND 2nd to none...Except for my grandmother, who I miss with all my heart. I haven't enjoyed this experience for over the past 14 years, that she has been gone. Thank you Mr.Frank Mazzuca for your passion in keeping tradition alive.....               "Pistol Pete" Quarelli

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