The History of Super Mario Bros Warpless World Records

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@SummoningSalt +3290

Sorry for the weird blur at 17:55... tried to put one in to remove an image, but it glitched and created an extra blur I didn't intend. YouTube doesn't let me remove it, so now it's there for good... oh well.

Vor 3 years
@melerik +76

Yo can you do a history of Super Mario Sunshine speed runs. Love the content man!

Vor 3 years
@fungi331 +91

can we get an f in the chat for this poor man

Vor 3 years
@RISK536 +21

yo summoning salt commented!!

Vor 3 years
@TheFoxClaws +30

What did you have to blur out?

Vor 3 years
@selpak3138 +13

Watched almost all of your speedrun documentaries. Your vids are awesome

Vor 3 years
@KanjoosLahookvinhaakvinhookvin +8681

It's not a Super Mario Bros speedrunning video without the "framerules are a bus" metaphor

Vor 4 years
@kirainfo +122

Tbh, i still did not understand that metaphor, and just nodding everytime it he said it

Vor 4 years

@@kirainfo I don't get what there is to not understand

Vor 4 years
@kirainfo +126

@@CAMSLAYER13 well, english is not my native language and bus with schedule is not common thing in my area, so yeah just can't understand it.

Vor 4 years

@@kirainfo If two people miss the bus, one by 1 second, the other by 59 seconds, they'll both have to wait for the next bus and leave at the same time.

Vor 4 years

@@kirainfo but you are aware of how a schedule works right? I'd explain but that other guy already did a pretty good job.

Vor 4 years
@madmaxim3965 +426

The fact that these runs are being measured by literal FRAMES at this point where losing a frame could cost you the WR is just nuts to me this game has truly been speedruned to its bare bones or circuits

Vor year
@gim2864 +18

now by 2023 the world record is at 18:55.929, whole 4 seconds faster then showed in the video, this community is insane!

Vor 6 Monate
@Zeuseus6609 +8

Yeah. Speedrunners take 'It's Mario Time' to a whole 'nother level

Vor 6 Monate
@iRemainNameless +1

That is until some madman discovers an entirely new strat

Vor 2 Monate
@Cipher71 +1016

3:10: "He struggled to get down to the bottom path in the middle of the level" *proceeds to play like a normal human being for 2.5 seconds*

Vor 3 years
@ianfinrir8724 +116

2.5 seconds is a lifetime in speedrunning

Vor 2 years
@ThaAwesome10 +7


Vor 2 years
@Ikonentester +456

Imagine your princess get's kidnapped and you manage to rescue her in under 20 minutes. True hero.

Vor 2 years
@olduselessaccount1322 +59

now imagine a bus

Vor 2 years
@collinmactate5822 +44

@@olduselessaccount1322 that leaves the station every 21 frames.

Vor 2 years
@WXKFA +35

@@collinmactate5822 princess can wait; gotta catch the bus first

Vor 2 years
@Patralgan +4

Watch a Super Mario Bros. 3 TAS with game end glitch. The run is like two tenths of a second long

Vor year
@MrBuurh +380

For anyone interested the WR is now an 18.56 which is crazy!

Vor 2 years
@melly644 +64

I just checked and it's even down to 18.55 now god

Vor year
@Hummabubba +7

Thanks for the update(s)!

Vor year
@jc.1191 +1

@@melly644 Insanity!

Vor year
@themoocow7718 +1

Wait it took someone 18 seconds or minutes to beat the game?

Vor year
@melly644 +8

@@themoocow7718 minutes :)

Vor year
@sethgardiner695 +5675

"After hitting the axe, Andrew went crazy" *silence*

Vor 3 years
@zap3231 +223

Welcome to Summoning Salt.

Vor 3 years
@matthewstone2545 +294

Congratulations! You got the joke!

Vor 3 years
@SweetBean92 +3


Vor 3 years
@ratedm7755 +11

Hello mario

Vor 3 years
@itsevanonyt +17

I’ve been trying to find it where is it ;-;

Vor 3 years
@bottomoftheglass +3699

This channel is the definition of quality over quantity. Respect

Vor 4 years
@kie_kite5420 +3

cool_whippin for real

Vor 4 years
@theadoptedsonofikeabird6485 +39

Well there is quantity too, I mean it’s usually like 45 mins long. But I get what you mean, it’s quality too

Vor 4 years
@boom-jr8vi +15

More like quantity plus quality! Mad respect.

Vor 4 years
@marselmusic +4

word. still has loads of quantity nonetheless quality is a priority. has been my jam for around a year now

Vor 4 years
@jimmyjohnjoejr.9020 +1

And alienmyth64. Watch his videos. Please.

Vor 4 years
@Tomoyo_Sayomura +733

“He had an intense battle with this blooper.” Me: “Haha how intense could it be?” 5 seconds later: “Holy cow that was epic!”

Vor 2 years
@fortunatejeremy +420

I love how the guy can work his whole life perfecting his game play and then when he achieves a record time, paces around asking himself "what? how?" What do you mean "what? how?" What are you confused about? Were you not there when you were practicing for 25 years?

Vor 3 years
@Flowtail +95

A quarter decades worth of failures are easier to believe than one success

Vor 3 years
@DoubleAgentReviews +40

The “what? How?!” was because of the following: The 4:55 pace strat requires a double frame-perfect 1-2 strat. I’m sure we both know about all the ridiculously precise stuff you have to do after 1-2. That 4:55 he got was on his 9th attempt at a 4:55 run. It was the first run that got past 1-2. He basically got 4:55 on his first try.

Vor 3 years
@SyRose901 +19

"Hey let's attempt 4:55" "Let's go, saved a framerule" "Am I the most clutch gamer?" "Oh my god, this is serious now that another scary trick is out of the way" "Holy cow!"

Vor 2 years
@coolnoah8183 +3

@@DoubleAgentReviews Funny thing is, the top 9 WR for any% are all 4:55s and Kosmic is No.3

Vor 2 years

@@coolnoah8183 and now niftski has a 4:54...

Vor 2 years
@lazuliman +857

For my entire life, I never realized “-3” levels were pit levels.

Vor 3 years
@xXInfinityDiesXx +38

Steven Tsakiris nobody asked

Vor 3 years
@pureoakgaming7148 +32

Steven Tsakiris i must have Alzheimer's because I don't remember asking

Vor 3 years
@Roaxial +12

For my whole life I didn't realise that -3 levels existed

Vor 3 years
@ARandomSpace +21

I always thought they were sky levels.

Vor 3 years
@caseyhamm8822 +8

@@ARandomSpace i think that’s what they were going for

Vor 2 years
@HornetKingOfficial +6

Great video, brother!

Vor year
@mapleham5633 +2330

Just when you think you’re about to get quality sleep, summing salt makes sure you end the night extraordinarily.

Vor 4 years
@Zadem +3

Dude ikr

Vor 4 years
@AimlessSavant +3

- late

Vor 4 years
@Nukepositive +4

Thankful I'm in the part of the world where I can enjoy this over my lunch hour.

Vor 4 years
@idd_cutie1274 +1

Quality sleep trades for quality video ;)

Vor 4 years
@MC-zr7hl +3

Lol I just took my sleeping pills and got into bed but looks like this is happening instead. Works out that this video is about how long it takes the pills to kick in so it's perfect.

Vor 4 years
@BlippednBooped +16

(0:00)HOME- We’re Finally Landing (1:38) HOME- Mainframe (3:21) HOME- Better Luck Next Time (5:44) HOME- High Five (6:31) Henrik Jonsson- Ascension (8:26) HOME- Sunshower (9:39) HOME- Byzantium (11:24) HOME- Headcase (13:25) HOME- Hurricane Season Intro (16:31) HOME- Carrier Wave (17:33) PixelVideos- Saltwave_Contemplative (20:45) Patricia Taxxon- Rave (22:58) HOME- Receiver (25:02) Patricia Taxxon- Epiphany (27:47) Luminist- Solar Movement (29:36) Luminist- Plastic Sea (31:14) HOME- Still Life (33:40) Henrik Jonsson- Mystical Digital (35:49) HOME- Chicken Soup (37:34) Henrik Jonsson- Follow Me to 1983 (40:26) Kevin Macleod- Man Down (43:30) HOME- We’re Finally Landing

Vor 8 Monate
@ThatOtherTom +74

In the early 90s, my dad’s friend sent him a VHS tape of a Super Mario Bros speedrun (using warps) that was about 15 minutes. At the time, it was mind blowing to me, even though nowadays it would be considered extremely slow.

Vor 3 years
@rayres1074 +11

It still is pretty mind-blowing to be honest. It is FAR from a WR, but it's quite above average playing

Vor 10 Monate
@tinyNinjaShiek +114

Hey dude! I just wanna say I really really love your "History of Speedruns" videos, my friend and i have been sharing them back and forth and i just wanna say theyre a real great joy to watch and i hope you keep it up! The formatting is lovely and the music you use is really calming and its just all around a wonderful experience!

Vor 3 years
@tinyNinjaShiek +17

Im also gonna say i know people keep joking about the framerule explinations but i really appreciate it and you never know which video is someones first so its always worth it to keep them in the loop!

Vor 3 years
@lionelkentler +3

This is such a sweet comment

Vor 2 years
@Oakshield2 +63

I love how he morphs music into his introductions of a new runner. It's like "A new challenger arrives" sort of thing.

Vor 3 years
@AceBadguy +43

For those watching this in 2022: Kosmic is now 8th place. Grats to Niftski 18 minute 55 second run.

Vor year
@sweatybabypowderhands843 +190

I feel like I’m watching a legit high budget documentary everytime you post a video. It’s always incredibly captivating and interesting seeing the history of speedrunners because these wr holders are freaking machines. Summoning Salt thank you for putting these incredible people at display.

Vor 4 years
@JohnnyFiction +22

I love the passion and tireless dedication these people have for some of the greatest games ever made. So inspiring

Vor year
@musondamungomba4843 +37

Kosmic was so calm after breaking the world records except the last one.. you can see how much it meant to him

Vor 3 years
@LadderFromMGS3 +21

Watching Darbian and Kosmic grind out WR makes me begin to consider speedrunning as a viable form of cardio

Vor 3 years
@jacobdavies8717 +5

The storytelling in your vids is amazing. Never thought speedrunning videos would keep me on the edge of my seat and make my heart beat as fast as Kosmic's

Vor year
@elheehee5042 +7

I find it funny how that Kosmic has held both the Warped and Warpless record simultaneously and multiple times, in my eyes he’s a SMB1 legend

Vor 2 years
@sgtreynolds07 +526

Your music, your pacing, and your voice are so chill that these videos are relaxing. Great job!

Vor 4 years
@shaneb1470 +4

Sometimes I literally fall asleep and have to watch the video again. Not boring in the slightest, but these are great videos.

Vor 4 years

he knows how to make a successful video that's for sure. I don't even play half of the games he talks about it but his videos always interests me so much

Vor 4 years
@Seanderson3 +641

Kosmic: * gets world record * Also Kosmic: "Dude, I suck."

Vor 3 years
@pareshkumar9094 +33

Kosmic after failing became Cosmic

Vor 3 years
@sephikong8323 +43

Kosmic : *beats world record* Also Kosmic : "Damn I suck at this game" It is truly impressive how invested in the sub 19 goal he was, to the point that he was disappointed upon beating his best time and seeing it as a failure. That's perseverance and dedication right there if I ever saw it

Vor 3 years
@theultimatekfbfan2721 +4

@@sephikong8323 cause I want to read it!

Vor 3 years


Vor 2 years
@allnighternick26 +394

Such a cozy channel just makes me wanna wrap up in a blanket and sit in front of a fireplace

Vor 3 years
@abominati0n +1

very fitting username :3

Vor 3 years
@tehpunisher4568 +9

This is a very accurate way to summarize how I feel about this channel! I've never been able to put in words but you did it!

Vor 3 years
@SalimDoodles +14

Mood, I used his videos to fall asleep more than once, it's great

Vor 3 years
@browniex5120 +1

I can totally relate to that.

Vor 3 years
@TheTripleAce3 +3

Literally watching to have the sound to fall asleep while power is out

Vor 2 years
@leipurinen2194 +22

The heart rate monitors is my absolute favorite thing about some of these WR runs. 165 bpm is similar a light jog. Incredible! I live for that level of excitement over classic video games.

Vor 3 years
@AlbertTheGamer-gk7sn +1

Actually, depending on your age, 165 BPM is either healthy or unhealthy. If you are 55 years and older, 165 BPM is unhealthy. If you are between the ages of 25-55, that heart rate is healthy, but dangerous if kept for a long time. Otherwise, it is the average heart rate of a quick run. A light jog usually gives a heart rate of 140 BPM for young people, and 120 BPM for older people.

Vor year
@si018 +4

165 is actually a pretty high intensity workout. Much more than a light jog.. 220-age=max heart rate.. then do % of that to get range. 80-90% of max Hr is very high intensity workout

Vor 10 Monate
@staniskucharski4491 +10

Been going back and watching salts vids once a week in isolation. His voice, tone, pacing is all perfect. I hope he continues to put out videos at this unmatched quality for years to come. Perhaps he will do some less known communities soon.

Vor 3 years
@BiIlDipperIy +9

Just wanna say, I found your channel recently and have watched almost every video. I just can't get enough, especially the Mario ones. I used to play Super Mario world as a kid at my grandma's house on SNES and even as a kid I was trying to run as fast as possible and beat the game quick lol. Definitely not as flawless as these guys but it's awesome to see the history and depth to these communities.

Vor 3 years
@blackblood9095 +6011

"Say the line Summoning Salt!" "Super Mario Bros checks for the completion of each level every 21 frames..."

Vor 4 years
@doggo7514 +205


Vor 3 years
@fostena +41


Vor 3 years
@jumpwithkarl +228

"imagine a bus"

Vor 3 years
@DStecks +299

Honestly, the fact that he fully explains it every time it comes up is a really good idea. Any one of these videos might be the first one you watch, so it's good to not expect first-time viewers to have existing knowledge.

Vor 3 years
@robindabank9616 +71

DStecks yeah the first few times it was pretty annoying but then I understood that not everyone knows what a tas is and every video is someone’s first

Vor 3 years
@PanduPoluan +12

I love Kosmic's low key reaction after breaking the 19:00 barrier... and then as he rested his head on the back of his chair, I don't know why but that makes me so emotional. Great job, Kosmic!

Vor 2 years
@josephgonnella6726 +7

If anyone was wondering, that kosmic run is now 8th place, the warpless has been held by niftski for almost a year now with a time of 18:55:929

Vor 7 Monate
@AlbertTheGamer-gk7sn +1


Vor 4 Monate
@KC-ec5pv +8

Not sure how many times I've watched these videos, but the music and the feels are just so good. They just have a climax that feels so satisfying. Thank you SS!

Vor 2 years
@EvilPigPowers +25

Didn't expect to tear up a bit at that emotional ending.

Vor 3 years
@seamless1464 +83

I hear people complain about glitches a lot but I don’t really understand why. Yeah I get that in glitched runs they do things unintended by the developers but if you don’t like it go watch a glitchless run. The entire point of categories is so that everyone has their own style of gameplay that they may like, so stop hating on what others find enjoyable and just watch something you enjoy. Also, people try and invalidate the skills of players who use glitches, when in reality the majority of glitched runs are exponentially more difficult than their glitchless counterpart.

Vor 3 years
@miguelangelmartinezcasado8935 +17

Also it create a layer of complexity and skill that the original game wouldn't have, making it more interesting and sometimes less consuming

Vor 3 years
@unnhkp8mza522 +1

@@miguelangelmartinezcasado8935 not always

Vor 2 years
@AlbertTheGamer-gk7sn +1

The reason why people banned glitches as they hold the potential to bypass several levels in the game that were meant to be played, and when you execute them, you wouldn't get a chance to actually play the game.

Vor year
@BigBrotherMateyka +508

Salt, you are an absolute godlike video game historian.

Vor 4 years
@duffman18 +13

Yeah, since YouTube videos are winning emmy's now, this channel absolutely deserves to win some emmy's. I dunno how you get someone nominated though.

Vor 4 years
@TheShizzlemop +3

@@duffman18 buying it

Vor 4 years
@Garathon +3

If you want more history like videos based if the Internet Emp lemon has "YouTube geographic", and then"Internet Historian" is well... A internet historian

Vor 4 years
@BigBrotherMateyka +2

@@Garathon I'm familiar with Emp Lemon's recent work. And I also remember he used to do YTPs way back in the day.

Vor 4 years
@weirdchamp4601 +33

I felt so bad for Kosmic after watching all those fails

Vor 3 years
@Mandrake_root +3

I can't believe how calm some of these guys are. "Yes, dude, yes we did it! ☺️" 38:52 I can't imagine the mental fortitude it takes to do speed runs that last longer than a few minutes

Vor 2 years
@NickBagel +2

I would like to note that your videos are awesome. Your ability to turn these stories into documentaries is mind-blowing

Vor 3 years
@ONE-vt1fz +78

summoning salt: "SMB1 checks for completion every 21-" me, immediately: "B U S"

Vor 3 years
@mediocreman6323 +5

I am speedrunning through a game called “ironing my clothes” while watching this. And I am not a gamer, and not interested in the matter at hand in any meaningful way, yet, those videos are amazing! Keep up the good work!

Vor year
@SummoningSalt +5313

Kosmic's gonna be grinding for 18:58 and beyond in the coming weeks, be sure to check out his channel!

Vor 4 years
@bobbycool2815 +42

He's live now

Vor 4 years
@Beanjello22 +74

This channel is so awesommeeee why doesn’t YouTube give you more recognition

Vor 4 years
@lolno6975 +48

Can you do a video on any of the doom games? I dont mind if its doom 2016, doom or doom 2 (not doom 3 though)

Vor 4 years
@Corredor1230 +18

Hey man, just wanted to let you know that I love what you do with this channel. You the best. Cheers from Colombia

Vor 4 years
@lucasroos9222 +4

Thanks for uploading.

Vor 4 years
@PronatorTendon +2

It's been great to have been able to witness the history of SMB speedruns, what a great community

Vor 2 years
@SoulFoxie +2

These videos are always about half the length (If not sometimes) the length of a movie yet honestly they're consistently just as if not more entertaining then movies

Vor 2 years
@GabrielC1903 +2

There is no way I can leave your videos without giving you a like, I can only image how many work you put on every videos! Keep doing this!

Vor 3 years
@turtle.. +1

That first run was actually insane for the time, mad respect tk him

Vor year
@KoyasuNoBara +3

It's nice watching these in fullscreen because I never know if there's enough time for discussing another WR. I was wondering if we'd get a sub-19 about halfway through, but I kept thinking "this video has gone on for a while. It'll probably end soon." And then I get a nice surprise at the end. :)

Vor 3 years
@jordancochran7979 +1

Same. I'm like there it is, nobody can beat that. Then wtf 15:00 left, oh this is gonna be good

Vor 2 Monate
@holdthisthread +378

My absolute favorite channel. Definition of quality over quantity.

Vor 4 years
@Zadem +3

Ikr so good

Vor 4 years
@SEESBoy-hy8jz +5

Another channel that is a good example of that is Lemmino

Vor 4 years
@DarkStormer +2

@@SEESBoy-hy8jz Another man of culture I see.

Vor 4 years
@ZackMorris1 +4

I made the mistake of binging all his videos in like the first few months, now every video is a crack hit to my dopamine centers in my brain. Nobody does YouTube better than this guy. Fact.

Vor 4 years
@Karatebob782 +82

19:44 Darbian and Andrew G both commented “Amazing, great job” but apparently a year apart. Did they both comment that after beating the record themselves?

Vor 3 years
@PatrickDavis28 +42

Possible that the video was uploaded at the perfect time for those two comments to look like they're a year apart but in reality are just days apart

Vor 2 years

My favorite runs in these videos are always the first ones on video. It's so interesting to see the origins of something that's nearly perfect today.

Vor 2 Monate
@Samsgarden +3

Great research and skill turning speed record historicity into a compelling story

Vor 3 years
@DaihupGametube +2

Great documentary as usual, your works prove that you will go down in history as one of the great video game historians

Vor 3 years
@Steevy84 +1

Always a pleasure to watch and rewatch your videos, amazing music choices btw, you are somehow able to make all this look so emotional and epic. Great job!

Vor 3 years
@funneelimzerd3888 +1427

Salt: after touching the axe, Andrew went crazy Andrew: *doesn’t* Me: HE PLAYED US LIKE A DAMN FIDDLE!!

Vor 4 years
@DragonicMonkey21 +33

I was literally watching going "umm is he going to you frea... ah you asshole :)"

Vor 4 years
@Xtoff +50

Look at his heart rate. It's at "running for my life" levels

Vor 4 years
@FilmsNerf2 +31

​@@Xtoff That heart rate at 14:22 is pretty crazy. So much so that I can't see it.

Vor 4 years
@christmas6666 +5

haha, I turned my volume down

Vor 4 years
@guidc +1

I cant believe how cool it is to watch these world records progressions. Great work man.

Vor 3 years
@jakethemistakeRulez +1

I'm amazed that such a detailed history of this has been kept.

Vor 2 years
@I_cant_and_I_wont +3

Awesome mini docs. Love it. Great job. These have been awesome during quarantine.

Vor 3 years

I love when a runner decides to do a really hard trick that could cost them the run if they mess up, and the suspense that SS manages to build up. Those few seconds when he says something like “it was all counting on this” and you have no idea what the outcome is gonna be are incredibly tense to watch

Vor year

You are the first and only person I've ever seen provide a list of all music used in videos with timestamps. You are a true hero. Thank you.

Vor 2 years
@bee7690 +1264

as soon as i hear the word bus in a mario video i start uncontrollably shaking in pure excitement knowing i'm about to hear the darbian bus analogy once more

Vor 4 years
@uwuxx6246 +54

Ngl that’s probably one of the most nerdiest thing i have ever heard ( no hate intended )

Vor 4 years
@ramy701 +7

Awww same

Vor 4 years


Vor 4 years
@Sana-sp8xt +7

This has to be the kinkiest and nerdiest thing I have ever heard

Vor 3 years
@beesree39 +2

Bootleg flash game called Super Mario Bus

Vor 3 years

Your vids are awesome! I love that you balance the competitive nature of speedrunning with an emphasis on the importance of community. I would love to see progression videos about Mega Man, Battletoads, Ghosts n Goblins, and/or Rygar scores - or anything retro PC - but, honestly, I'll watch anything you make.

Vor year

I love watching Kosmic. Such a chill, sweet guy. This was painful to watch, but I'm so happy he got his sub-19... Shiny Teeth and all 😉

Vor year

That intense blooper battle was the most anxiety inducing thing I’ve seen in my life

Vor 4 Monate

Not gonna lie, that transition from andrewg regaining the wr again to kosmic's twitch name popping up was god tier!

Vor 7 Monate

I’m so impressed with this channel. This is what a YouTube channel should entail 100%. Quality video, great commentary, interesting relatable topic and fun music not too annoying. Awesome job I’ve been watching all day

Vor 2 years
@PKG315 +632

Summoning Salt videos are some of the most optimized videos on the internet. Once you see one in your notification box you know that your about to learn something new. Keep it up man

Vor 4 years
@_Cheerio +10

PKG I love watching his long videos. His voice is nice to listen to.

Vor 4 years

no like this lets keep it at 222 likes

Vor 4 years
@orangef3802 +2

The intro BGM is always so relaxing. Like, I just know the next 44 minutes of my life is going to be great!

Vor 4 years

Tio tus videos son alucinantes, hevisto ya como 8000 y no me canso, sigue haciendo videos, nos das muchisimo.

Vor 3 years

this channel is like the hidden gem of youtube... the soothing music and nostalgia of old games with all the hype/sorrow/rivalry of all the speed runners

Vor 2 years

Working my way through all your videos, love the amount of work you put into them all and the way you tell the story. Never knew much about speed running before I saw your videos and now I can’t wait for you to share and uncover more stories about speed running different games.

Vor 3 years
@josephhanicak7922 +1

Man these videos are so damn good. I hope a new one comes out soon.

Vor 3 years
@tricksteronline1 +2

Production value on these videos is insane. Love the music!

Vor 3 years
@aquamech154 +93

Summoning Salt puts out some of the highest quality content on this whole darn site. These are documentary level videos my dude

Vor 4 years
@arfansthename +1

Andrew fighting that blooper in 7-2 is the equivalent of being in someone's way, so you move over to clear the path, but then they move over in the same direction as you, so you're still in their way

Vor year

the awkwardness is so bad when that happens lmao

Vor year
@badkitty22 +1

Your work is amazing. Entertaining and informative. Kudos!

Vor 3 years

These are so relaxing to me. Thanks for making these and putting so much research and effort into them. I doubt you'll see this, but thank you!

Vor 2 years

This intro gives me the goosebumps every time. ❤️

Vor 2 years
@LemonsShort +2

The older I get the more I fall in love with these types of videos that compile information while entertaining me rather then just those HAHA FUNNY SOUND videos, this keeps my attention fully without fault, these are so well made it's astonishing.

Vor 3 years
@Ethanerd +211

Kosmic seems like such a nice guy. Like, even when he's super disappointed, he still seems really chill. Glad he finally got that WR!

Vor 4 years
@FakYuhGoogel +5

His emotions seem fairly subtle either way.

Vor 4 years


Vor 4 years
@subtlewookiee +2

I think that's necessary for all the top runners. Darbian was always very chill, Kosmic is and so is Somewes. Speedrunning is not a hobby that suffers those who lack patience.

Vor 4 years

You pick the best music for these, and I gotta be honest, your videos are sometimes different on YouTube. Something happily nostalgic. I know I was born WAY out of these eras of games and speedruns, but it always makes me happy to see you covering them Summoning Salt. Have a wonderful day, and thanks for help me keep my sanity man!

Vor year
@sodapop7520 +1

This video is beautiful. I typically cant sit through a 45 minute video without being distracted, but i ended this video thinking it was 10 minutes long. Amazing

Vor 3 years
@-12Sided +2

Kosmic is like the Arcus of SMB. So calm and chill 👏👏

Vor 3 years

This needs to be on The History Channel. It's seriously awesome. :)

Vor 3 years
@Zentafix +1

I swear to god, there is nothing more chilled then starting up one of your "The History of x World Record" videos with Popcorn and a warm blanked, fucking love your videos and I cant stop watching your old AND new stuff!

Vor 2 years
@tylerlee328 +75

Seeing Andrew G become increasingly more confident and happy on camera was the true progression

Vor 4 years

Man i don't even play Mario Games anymore since Super Mario Galaxy. But your videos are just so relaxing to watch. Almost like meditation

Vor 10 Monate

Jeez, I've probably watched this at least half a dozen times. Honestly though, I still jump out of my chair and am borderline brought to the point of emotional extents that only the finest works of cinema could bring me to watching this fascinating, emotional work of brilliant art.

Vor year

I love this dude so much the music gives me chills everytime

Vor 2 years
@WisdomVendor1 +1

I really respect the attitude these speedrunners have. They highly reflect the adage. "difficult is easy, The impossible just takes a little longer"

Vor 2 years

Watching summoning salt videos are like having spiritual massages! Love them all

Vor 3 years
@Odrikah +1254

"--armed with his penguin hat--" Ah, yes, as one does when one is about to make history.

Vor 4 years
@RedHairdo +13

Second only to Flamingo Glasses. Shoutouts to Irie Butler.

Vor 4 years
@dijon_mustard +35

Penguin Hat: On *Yep. It's Gamer Time*

Vor 4 years
@ra_0374 +25

Yeah haven't you seen the paintings of Washington crossing the Deleware? Most are fakes, they refused to paint his penguin hat which he wore for any historical event

Vor 4 years
@mistersympa15 +5

I listen to these in the background while I work and I thought I had misheard that.

Vor 4 years

Well have you seen Penguindrum

Vor 4 years

You really pair your soundtrack to the video incredibly well.

Vor 3 years

Andrews Pop Off with his 19:15 is still one of my all time favs

Vor year

Damn your content is just great! Started few days ago with 17 star and seen it all already. Waiting for more!

Vor 2 years

kosmic and SummoningSalt - legends. Shout out to the other elite level speed runners that pushed the time down to amazing levels.

Vor 2 years

Wow, that's a good speed run! Keep up the great videos!

Vor 2 years
@kielakeet +3043

I wonder if Darbian ever regrets talking about the bus

Vor 4 years
@adsness7661 +158

No, probably not.

Vor 4 years
@Nattegoya +430

It’s such an easy-to-understand concept thanks to that bus analogy

Vor 3 years
@valty3727 +160

it’s a rly good analogy tho

Vor 3 years
@polygondwanaland8390 +471

By liking this comment I took it from 255 to 256, losing one framerule

Vor 3 years
@escape209 +81

It's not a food analogy, that's immediately a win for me.

Vor 3 years

Please don't ever change the soundtrack to these videos. Its iconic

Vor 3 years

Two years later and I'm still in awe of that intense blooper encounter.

Vor 2 years
@alyours2889 +1

Can't believe im avidly watching these 35 years after playing my last SM game...even thought I don't ever plan to play it again 🙃

Vor 2 years


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