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    Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) goes undercover as Matt, a radar technician, at Starkiller Base. [Season 41, 2016]
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Time Master +13352
Time Master

I have such a huge respect for actors who aren’t afraid to make fun or parody themselves. And Adam knocked or out of the park with this sketch

Vor 3 years
VK's ASDgaming +470
VK's ASDgaming

Best part is that he must act in two layers: first as Kylo Ren and then be Matt acted by Kylo Ren and original character must be identifiable to viewer. He certainly has skill.

Vor 3 years
Chris Perrien +63
Chris Perrien

Well it is almost a given when an actor or many celebrities host SNL there will be a parody skit of their last movie role or a past one or their regular life.

Vor 3 years
Tony Pasma +3
Tony Pasma


Vor 3 years
Eder Cortes +28
Eder Cortes

This is why I can’t hate on SNL whenever they get political (Trump bad agenda) I think of the skits and the host who can still have a good time hoisting Ryan Goslin, Adam Driver, James Franco, Drake, etc

Vor 3 years
Baran +1

@VK's ASDgaming inception in some way lol

Vor 3 years
Derp Derp 덥덥 +3252
Derp Derp 덥덥

I would genuinely love a Star Wars comedy series about imperial officers and stormtroopers, showing us their daily lives in the galactic empire 😂 Bonus points if it's done in a mockumentary style

Vor year
Manny Davis +69
Manny Davis

You must have seen the Robot Chicken sketches. Poor Papa Palpatine, just trying to keep an Empire running.

Vor year
Cool Cat +55
Cool Cat

There was a late 90’s spoof of both Cops & Star Wars called TROOPS. It shows storm troopers patrolling Tatooine and interacting with Droids, Jawas and Luke’s aunt & uncle. It’s also hilarious & here on YT.

Vor year
Toph Beifong +17
Toph Beifong

If you reskin the office with Star Wars that’s the whole show

Vor year
Zemotixdesign +1

A Hogans Heroes of the Star Wars Universe

Vor year
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis

So it can embarrassingly fail like Star Trek: Below Decks? Star Wars has had enough embarrassments lately.

Vor 11 Monate
Mutants and Memes +4614
Mutants and Memes

4:29 awww, it's so sweet that Kylo allowed his superior officer to reunite with his son once again 🤧😌

Vor year
Eninhor +46


Vor year
*Cuphead* +20


Vor 6 Monate
Diane Heriot +33
Diane Heriot

But why did he kill that guy that praised him and not the stormtrooper guy that spoke ill of him?

Vor 5 Monate
Nicolas Rodrigues +13
Nicolas Rodrigues

@Diane Heriot trash compactor

Vor 5 Monate
Deathstroke +13

The rainbow came

Vor 5 Monate
Rodney smith +1682
Rodney smith

Say what you want about SNL, but this has to be one of the funniest skits they have done in 25+ years

Vor year
Dynac13 +35

"SNL hasn't been funny since [Insert year I was 12-15]"

Vor 10 Monate
Arthur Pietro Garcia +6
Arthur Pietro Garcia

Dude, SNL is the way its always been.

Vor 7 Monate
Sypialnia Studio +1
Sypialnia Studio

Now, I'm not saying you're gay, but that skit was indeed good.

Vor 7 Monate
Damon Driver
Damon Driver

​@Arthur Pietro Garcia no that's an extremely false statement lol That's how we know you aren't even close to being old enough to remember when SNL was actually consistently funny and wasn't just a bunch of weird unfunny woke BS

Vor Monat
Arthur Pietro Garcia +9
Arthur Pietro Garcia

@Damon Drivermy Guy, every single generation has the SNL syndrome, where the one they watched as teens are the best one, If I went back to my favourite era and watched a random set of episodes, I would probably find some stinkers, same If you do It to your favourite era.

Vor Monat
emilyharder +11174

This is one of the best SNL skits.

Vor year
Samuel Crowe +13
Samuel Crowe

Chris Farleys doen by the river is better

Vor year
san098 +17

Is it? IS IT??!

Vor year
Gary Alexander +20
Gary Alexander

@Samuel Crowe No, it isn't.

Vor year
Simen Pedersen
Simen Pedersen

@Samuel Crowe Well Chris was one of the all time great comedians though, so it's expected for him to have more than a few sketches better than this. But I will still say this is in the top 5 since 2000.

Vor year
Cottonmouth ASMR +8
Cottonmouth ASMR

I really love this skit I always come back to it

Vor year
MegaUnderflow +482

Kylo actually is a very impressive boss. He carried not only The First Order, but the entire Sequel Trilogy on his back.

Vor 5 Monate
Ashley B. is me +27
Ashley B. is me

As someone who's not an obsessed fan with Star Wars like some others are, I agree. He had one of the best character arches in the whole series and films would've sucked with anyone else in the role.

Vor 3 Monate
Bill Smith +8
Bill Smith

@Ashley B. is me As someone that is an obsessed fan, I agree lol

Vor 2 Monate
YeahL +5

no one carried the sequel disney pretty much destroyed its potential

Vor 19 Tage

@YeahL Okay.

Vor 19 Tage
Unity +21561

I love how he's staying in character while staying in character

Vor 3 years
Chi Yan +983
Chi Yan

He's a dude playing the dude, disguised as another dude!!

Vor 3 years
CJ Col +74
CJ Col

Chi Yan>What do you mean, ‘you people?’

Vor 3 years
Obama bin Laden +25
Obama bin Laden

Ha Nice hotel on lisätty tallennetut-luetteloosi on Iceboard on Iceboard on Iceboard on Iceboard on Iceboard on Iceboard

Vor 3 years
Scott Sanders +11
Scott Sanders

@Chi Yan dude-ception?

Vor 2 years
Chris B +14
Chris B

@CJ Col What do YOU mean "you people"?

Vor 2 years
Pamela Sawyer +638
Pamela Sawyer

I love that the Star Wars fandom saw this sketch and went, "Yes. Matt is canon now."

Vor year

The battlefront 2 devs:he is indeed

Vor 16 Stunden
Tori +967

I've never seen such a perfect snl skit. Adam Driver makes everything better

Vor year
Andrea Drake +551
Andrea Drake

They actually made the technician uniforms canon. I love this. And the gag about Kylo Ren shirt off was even before The Last Jedi scene

Vor 11 Monate
DuelaDent -52 +48
DuelaDent -52

It’s supposed to make him sound pathetic and insecure but it turns out he really was shredded.

Vor 5 Monate
Konstance +710

I love the little laughs at "Sorry about that" and "Really struck a nerve with me" because the audience all knows what's coming just by the character and the delivery. But we still die laughing at "especially since I'm the one that killed him." This skit is a masterclass in comedy.

Vor 6 Monate
Stephen Thompson +3
Stephen Thompson

I agree 200%

Vor 4 Monate
Adam Wade +467
Adam Wade

"Oh no, he's choking on food" I freaking lost it here

Vor 6 Monate
hackareslacks Bruh +10
hackareslacks Bruh

Especially when he didn't hide the fact he was force choking him in front of everyone.

Vor 4 Monate
Jeremy +41728

Forget the movies, they should just make an entire Netflix series out of this.

Vor 3 years
Commenting Commenter +1949
Commenting Commenter

Honestly, a Disney+ comedy about the lives of generic Star Wars characters could be really funny. There are so many factions that it could be based on.

Vor 3 years
Jake White +465
Jake White

@Commenting Commenter I think that's why I liked the Robot Chicken Star Wars stuff so much, the goons in the star wars universe can get into some funny situations with the right writers

Vor 3 years
Scarlet Psycho Wolf +394
Scarlet Psycho Wolf

Now I feel like everything should have their own version of The Office

Vor 3 years
Jacob Morua +15
Jacob Morua

Jeremy I would watched this all day

Vor 3 years
Ruben Defour +17
Ruben Defour

I wish I could forget the movies

Vor 3 years
• Onyx • +794
• Onyx •

"Sorry I killed your son!" -Kylo Me: *holding in the laughter*

Vor year
Driftwood +10

don't forget the exclamation point in that sentence!

Vor year
• Onyx • +5
• Onyx •

@Driftwood there I fixed it :]

Vor year
Dante_096 +4

And the : (

Vor Monat
Nico +378

“I’m 90% sure Matt is Kylo Ren” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Vor year
Sim Joh +3
Sim Joh

Watched that bit just as I scrolled past your comment 🤣

Vor 3 Monate
Caio Rezei +183
Caio Rezei

People usually go to Marriage Story when they exemplify Adam Driver's incredible acting skills. And even though we all know he was by far the best part of the sequels, there's no doubt in my mind that _this_ is what really shows how great an actor he is. He can bring a character so dramatic and torn to a whole different genre without losing anything from his near-perfect physical and emotional performance while still being comedic, the exact opposite of the original portrayal. That simple thumbs up is so well thought and performed to be Kylo's attempt at social skills. What an actor.

Vor 7 Monate
strawBarry +125

I watch this every few months, laugh every time, and think it's one of the best Star Wars related things to have come out in two decades.

Vor year
Jennifer Mutchler +197
Jennifer Mutchler

“I haven’t had my muffin yet, Matt.” Every skit she’s in is comedy gold!

Vor year

I think you mean he

Vor 4 Monate
Oishii Kudasai
Oishii Kudasai

As long as she doesn’t eat Peter then I enjoy her moments.

Vor 3 Monate
Sophia Szeneitas
Sophia Szeneitas

@gorginhanson um what

Vor Monat
Wolf +16992

I like how Adam driver commits to the role even when he is a comedy sketch

Vor 3 years
Hypeman 18 +457
Hypeman 18

Yeah honestly he's right up there with Zac Efron.. a guy i wouldn't expect to be funny but can actually pull it off.

Vor 3 years
sound +141

@Hypeman 18 I want to see him in even more comedy roles after this and the dead dont die

Vor 3 years
Connor Robertson +26
Connor Robertson

He kinda already was in the movies.

Vor 3 years
Matthew Poole +30
Matthew Poole

@Hypeman 18 He literally did comedy before star wars

Vor 3 years
Alexagrigorieff +17

Check out his oil baron sketch

Vor 2 years
Des Slaven +128
Des Slaven

"Here let me go see if I can find it I'll show it to you!" *Barely walks offscreen and immediately returns* "Look I found Kylo Ren's lightsaber!" Easily the funniest moment for me 😂😂😂

Vor year
Sonia Warfield +88
Sonia Warfield

“Dude matt straight up sucks” gets me every single time

Vor year
Josh Arnoldy +13
Josh Arnoldy

Who’s here after killing Rick the Door Technician?

Vor 26 Tage
Nathaniel Castillo +115
Nathaniel Castillo

When he says " can you please stop yelling at me you're starting to stress me out" is like when your dad asks you to hold a flash light while he fixes something😂

Vor year
Connor Tracey +1
Connor Tracey

thats my favorite line of the sketch but only cuz he says "can you please stop yelling me" without the "at" lol kills me everytime

Vor 2 Monate
Oliver Mortimer +1
Oliver Mortimer

@Connor Tracey The little slip up makes it better. It adds to the idea of him being stressed out and messing up his speech as a result.

Vor 2 Monate
Atanimac +316

"Really struck a nerve with me... especially since I'm the one who killed him." 😂 2:35

Vor year
K M +17923

Adam Driver is very underrated as a comedian. He’s actually very humorous with his deadpan style of comedy.

Vor year
Terry Jones +217
Terry Jones

Yeah it really sucks that he's now stuck with Rise of Skywalker on his resume, thanks J.J.Abrams and Disney >:/

Vor year
Toni Odejimi +220
Toni Odejimi

@Terry Jones Movie still made like a billion dollars, regardless of quality they’re gonna want the actor for how much cash it made.

Vor year
Terry Jones +34
Terry Jones

@Toni Odejimi Good to know he's got that silver lining going for him, considering....

Vor year
Quinn Oehler +82
Quinn Oehler

He’s got that marine veteran sense of humor

Vor year
Guilherme Louzada +13
Guilherme Louzada

@Toni Odejimi "Watch me making a billion dollars for a movie by having no idea what I'm doing and throwing in the name 'Star Wars'." ~ J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson

Vor year
Doris Cozma +105
Doris Cozma

I come back to this when I need to remember why I love life. And Adam Driver. Never disappoints.

Vor year
My Dogs Best Fren +2
My Dogs Best Fren

heart doesnt need motivation to keep beating.. life has a mind ofnits own.. i hope u are well, Doris

Vor 8 Monate
Dialed In Games & Collectibles +280
Dialed In Games & Collectibles

one of the best SNL skits of all time. Up there with Sean Connery Jeopardy.

Vor year

The best? PAPYRUS!

Vor year
mark two +2
mark two

There's also Tom Hanks Black Jeopardy.

Vor year
Brandon Knight +1
Brandon Knight


Vor 6 Monate
Brandon Knight +1
Brandon Knight

And more cowbell

Vor 6 Monate
Josiah Bahuaud +42
Josiah Bahuaud

“Oh no, he’s choking on food.” kills me every single time. 😂😂😂

Vor 3 Monate
Nathan Brown (Molotov) +25
Nathan Brown (Molotov)

Adam Driver did a fantastic job. No doubt he's a good actor.

Vor 4 Monate
Kirstyhasamagicunicorn +21

This was actually super funny, the films weren't the best but they did have a really good cast. I really enjoyed Adam as Kylo I think he did a great job

Vor 9 Monate
Interestingenough4 +2710

Gotta love how Adam Driver can parody Kylo Ren while staying in character as Kylo Ren.

Vor 3 years
Davin Destroyer +25
Davin Destroyer

This is the way

Vor 2 years
Aiden Oliver +7
Aiden Oliver

@Davin Destroyer this is the way

Vor 2 years
Surrealiam Prime +3
Surrealiam Prime

@Greasy ?

Vor 2 years
NoobSavant +1

What character? Kylo Ren didn't have any character to begin with.

Vor 2 years
Maria LovesShires +30
Maria LovesShires

5 years later and this is still funny 😂

Vor year

now 7 years and it’s still funny

Vor 4 Monate
Mac Winter +44
Mac Winter

I love how he pretends to casually go and find his lightsaber as if some low-level technician would just find it laying around. Definitely doesn't blow his cover or anything 🤣

Vor 7 Monate
A Sober Bear +3
A Sober Bear

In 6 minutes they made Kylo better than 3 movies totaling over 5.5 hours.

Vor 6 Tage
Eleven Blossoms +246
Eleven Blossoms

3:41 *Tim choking* “Tim?” “TIM!?” “oh no, hes choking on food.” I love how not worried matt is.

Vor year
J D +1


Vor year
The First Curse +9
The First Curse

I love that they referenced this in Jedi: Survivor with Rick The Door Technician

Vor Monat
tom ross +11232
tom ross

"dude Matt straight up sucks" has always been my favorite starwars line

Vor 3 years
kelly mcphaul +139
kelly mcphaul

It is really hilarious. “Oh, no, he’s choking on food!”

Vor 2 years
Becky Traster +40
Becky Traster

I can NOT watching that part without waking up my entire apartment build. His face breaks me hahahahaha hahahahaha

Vor 2 years
Parks Burgum +49
Parks Burgum

“Kylo Ren is a plump bitch”

Vor 2 years
Lauren Schwenn +6
Lauren Schwenn

Hahaha same😂😂😂

Vor 2 years

1000th like cool

Vor 2 years
Matthew Lalonde +69
Matthew Lalonde

Adam Driver always makes me laugh.

Vor year
BigGeek2256 +4

I love how committed Adam is as Kylo, even in a parody

Vor 2 Monate
Gustavo Benitez Diaz +16
Gustavo Benitez Diaz

I like how the storm troopers in the background just chilling and watching him get choked during the 8 pack scene like it's a regular thing on the job they see everyday 🤣😂

Vor 11 Monate
DrasticBoy 6696 +13
DrasticBoy 6696

*Love how he sounded like his dad while working on the calcinator* 😂

Vor 3 Monate
Aries +7214

I love the idea of a random guy leaving a room for all of 3 seconds and coming back with a sith lord's lightsaber and saying look at it

Vor 2 years
Emily Talerman +16
Emily Talerman


Vor 2 years
Fairy Blu +11
Fairy Blu

I know!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Vor year
Bruh Type beat +40
Bruh Type beat

Not Sith Lord

Vor year
Simen Pedersen +85
Simen Pedersen

Kylo is known to be a good guy though who loves to let his workers loan his lightsaber

Vor year
T L Shorty Shorty +18
T L Shorty Shorty

@Simen Pedersen this sounds dirty as shit

Vor year
GrippeeTV +26

“I haven’t had my MUFFIN yet MATT.” The delivery KILLED me dude 😂

Vor 4 Monate
enchanted chim +21
enchanted chim

I have watched this over 10 times and it's still the best skit I have ever seen

Vor year
MarvelFan2022 +37

"Hearing about Zack's son really struck a nerve with me..." *"Especially because I was the one who killed him"*

Vor 3 Monate
Nightporter +8

I have seen him in a couple of drama movies and he is REALLY good. After seeing this, I am even more impressed. He's so dang funny as Matt. 😆

Vor 9 Monate
bassistheplace246 +17

I’m shocked they actually referenced this in Jedi Survivor

Vor Monat
DiddlyDee ItsE +2771
DiddlyDee ItsE

He's such a good actor he can act while acting and pull it off

Vor 3 years
Mersenne Prime +56
Mersenne Prime

And now he's Oscar nominated.

Vor 3 years
HTT +16

Mersenne Prime hope he’s a Oscar winner

Vor 3 years
Stannis The Mannis +75
Stannis The Mannis

His face confuses me. At a first glance he should look ugly. His face is long and unbalanced, just a mess. But he's actually very handsome when you look at him.

Vor 3 years
Benefit Counterbench +33
Benefit Counterbench

@Stannis The Mannis You summed up how I felt about him as watching ep IX. I don't like his facials, but still, I find him attractive wtf.

Vor 3 years
Joe Iguana +1
Joe Iguana

His American accent attempt is awful.

Vor 3 years
thainá +10

man, its hard for a skit to be funny from the beginning to end but this one... my dude, this is kills every single time

Vor year
Gamey +5

Adam Driver is always a really good host.

Vor year
Banette is underrated +7
Banette is underrated

that officer played his cards perfectly, knew matt was kylo from the start and got on his good side

Vor 8 Monate
Cheetowitcheese +1

I’m so glad we got a sequel to this. I knew viewing Adam Driver’s second SNL hosting was worth it when it was live way back then. 😂

Vor 2 Monate
Mr. Writer +5
Mr. Writer

I would just love to see more of Bobby and Adam interacting 😂

Vor 8 Monate
Alex Mothershaw +5261
Alex Mothershaw

I love how dedicated he is to being Kylo even though it’s just a parody skit.

Vor 2 years
Rockawaysiren +173

True! He didn’t hold back on any of the searing evil!! And he didn’t make fun of the Kylo character or lessen it in any way!

Vor 2 years
Fonut +1

Mr7Reality it was amazing

Vor 2 years
Justin Mohan +9
Justin Mohan

Never gets old.

Vor 8 Monate
Oleg Friesen +3
Oleg Friesen

This guy is better as parody of Kylo Ren than as Kylo Ren himself.

Vor 4 Monate

This is the best thing to come out of the sequel trilogy

Vor 27 Tage
stelthie +9

I can't stop laughing, I can imagine Kylo Ren actually doing this. He was super insecure in the movie too. lmao funny omigod

Vor year
Jeremy Painter +5
Jeremy Painter

Still one of my favorite snl skits

Vor year
Vryday +20379

No matter what you think of the sequels, Adam Driver is just pure gold. EDIT: Thank you so much for all the likes and comments everyone. May the force be with you, always.

Vor 3 years
DerangedEmu +499

Niday yeah, it’s a shame they game him absolute shit in the actual Star Wars movies

Vor 3 years
Shizzle The Comic Nerd +126
Shizzle The Comic Nerd

DerangedEmu at least he’s good in the games usually

Vor 3 years
Darth Vader’s Big Black Nuts +180
Darth Vader’s Big Black Nuts

DerangedEmu He wasn’t all that bad in the new one. I bet it JJ did TLJ he’s development would’ve been way better

Vor 3 years
First The +5
First The

Niday facts

Vor 3 years
Will N +179
Will N

No doubt Adam Driver is a great actor. I've seen his other movies. It's really Disney's fault. They shouldn't have changed the SW EU. I would have loved to see him as Darth Caedus instead of Kylo Ren.

Vor 3 years
Grif the Crit +2
Grif the Crit

Adam Driver being part of this would have already made this a good video, but this is also amazingly hilarious

Vor 5 Monate
Glitch1zilla Productions +5
Glitch1zilla Productions

never gets old

Vor year
miguel garcia +3
miguel garcia

i remember seeing this when it came back and i still rewatch this. love this skit so much!!!!

Vor year
nicole boger +2
nicole boger

He did such a great job with this....he's hilarious 😂🤣🤣 The card he gave him lol

Vor 9 Monate
b a b o o n +12325
b a b o o n

"hearing that he lost his son really struck a nerve with me" "especially since im the one who killed him" that made me laugh so hard

Vor 3 years
Noel DeHesus +144
Noel DeHesus

That really made me laugh so hard!!

Vor 3 years
Kaiju Universe +29
Kaiju Universe

AtlantisXx that made me laugh

Vor 3 years
3x3_is_nine +16

AtlantisXx yeah we know we watched the video you like bate

Vor 3 years
Ask4This +5

I think we watched the same video babe

Vor 3 years
3x3_is_nine +2

Im underaged

Vor 3 years
mmm +3

this was my fav skit even before i had started to watch star wars. today i watched ep 7 and i can finally appreciate this skit! i was surprised how this was true to the character lol

Vor year
Neigboring Narwhal +29
Neigboring Narwhal

As a star wars fan, i can confirm this is cannon

Vor year
Patrick Bateman +6
Patrick Bateman

3:28 i think the funniest part of this is Kylo Ren the character actually took that to heart, because in the next movie he was shredded so dude probably hit the gym like crazy 🤣 it's the little things that Adam Driver does that shows he's a great actor. He's the only redeemable part of the sequels imo

Vor 11 Monate
Flavio +21

"I ran into Kylo Ren in the bathroom'" idk why but gets me every time.

Vor year
ShadowOfNoc +1

Still more character development than the actual movies.

Vor 7 Tage
Erica Breaux +4877
Erica Breaux

"Looks poorly made like a little kid made it." “THEN YOU DON'T HAVE TO LOOK AT IT ANYMORE!!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

Vor 3 years
Zicky Kane +37
Zicky Kane

Best part lol

Vor 3 years
freddybeer +16
freddybeer does! Barely a lightsaber at all!

Vor 3 years
Eva Forsberg +4
Eva Forsberg

freddybeer sarcasm?

Vor 3 years
freddybeer +4

@Eva Forsberg - Not at all! Lol!

Vor 3 years
Chewbacca +1


Vor 3 years
Denchik +2

Kylo Ren is such a sweet ruler, he even remembers all the children of the officers he killed in anger.

Vor 7 Monate
Champis theBunny +4
Champis theBunny

This was a real surprise, an SNL skit that was actually funny, on target, and re-watchable.

Vor year
Bryan Morgia +1
Bryan Morgia

It's hard imagining one of star wars big villain's as funny, but I've seen a lot of his other SNL stuff, the guy is funny!!!! A rare trait in the star wars universe where most all the actors are basically one dimensional

Vor 9 Monate
Florida life is the best +3
Florida life is the best

This never gets old. LOL

Vor year
Juan +5

Rick the door technician would be proud

Vor 17 Tage
a la Rachel +4747
a la Rachel

This literally killed me. I can’t stop watching Adam driver skits

Vor 3 years
Double A +8
Double A

This figuratively killed me. Because I posted this.

Vor 3 years
Rendesputible +1

Uganda Knuckles the funerals mondaaaaaay

Vor 3 years
Stephy +1


Vor 3 years
FXD +3

@Am na he's hot. I'm not even gay.

Vor 3 years
Lucas +8


Vor 11 Monate
ETA2 +1

“Oh no, he’s choking on food.” 💀 Had me dying

Vor Monat
blankity blank +2
blankity blank

In every single one of those undercover bosses there's always some guy with a sob story. I'm glad that imperial officer got a rainbow greeting card.

Vor 4 Monate
nowknow +44

I would love a Kylo Ren / 'Matt' the Radar Technician series.

Vor year
Iono +4

The way he instantly pulled out his lightsaber without even pretending to go to retrieve it took me out omg

Vor 5 Monate
Paola Oliveros Rábago +11809
Paola Oliveros Rábago

This is, to date one of the funniest SNL sketches ever

Vor 3 years
Dan Neville +57
Dan Neville

I mean yeah its funny but funniest ever?? I dont think its even close

Vor 3 years
Goruko +183

Dan Neville He said “one of the funniest” doorknob.

Vor 3 years
Elira Eclipse +28
Elira Eclipse

@Dan Neville don't you understand what one of the funniest means?

Vor 3 years
xvc918x +21

that's not saying a lot

Vor 3 years
Daggs 187 +4
Daggs 187

Dan Neville wow not all the lights are on in the attic huh???

Vor 3 years
James Webb
James Webb

I would love a Star Wars spoof where they try to mimic the real day to day military life using the stormtroopers and officers by having them do safety briefs and all the other dumb shit we do 😂

Vor 15 Tage
rockerseven +12

Disney+ needs to make an actual series of Matt the Radar Technician.

Vor year
Tony Chavez +7
Tony Chavez

I died at 'Matt Straight up sucks!' 🤣🤣🤣

Vor 6 Monate
Matthew Labbe +3
Matthew Labbe

Can Lorne Michaels just offer Adam Driver a cast member spot already??

Vor 11 Monate
Gabs L +2
Gabs L

I love undercover boss 😂

Vor 6 Monate
Exemplar Kyle +5135
Exemplar Kyle

"Dude, Matt straight up *sucks.* "  This is one of the best SNL skits of all time.

Vor 3 years
lil_uzi_corndog +61

He says after getting fucking yeeted lol

Vor 3 years
Christopher D +37
Christopher D

Best follow up line ever

Vor 3 years
OZV +5

It’s easily the beat SNL skit of all time

Vor 3 years
dmfb68 +2

Exemplar Kyle, did you see the new one yet? Lmfao

Vor 3 years
Moss Wilson +2
Moss Wilson

If this is one of the best SNl skits of all time I’m glad I don’t watch SNl, it’s like an American version of Monty Python where 90% of the jokes aren’t all that funny or memorable

Vor 3 years
Mike Glasswell - Gameplay +4
Mike Glasswell - Gameplay

Now we need a Story about Rick the Door Technician

Vor Monat

I love how he cant help but being pure evil,hes rotten to the core😂

Vor 29 Tage
Jannery Mayra Briceño Franco +1
Jannery Mayra Briceño Franco

I have watched this a thousand times 😂😂 can’t get enough 😂😂😂

Vor year
Gayle Bynum Cardosa
Gayle Bynum Cardosa


Vor year

Kylo Ren Undercover Boss is now my favorite part of the Star Wars Universe

Vor 7 Monate
Raymond Epic +2
Raymond Epic

Really nice show! guys you did a great job

Vor year
Michelle Nicole +8271
Michelle Nicole

Adam Driver is a cross between Professor Snape & Napoleon Dynamite I’m here for it

Vor 3 years
Joseph Jensen +166
Joseph Jensen

This is the most accurate thing I have read all month

Vor 3 years
Grease797 +24

Michelle Nicole nailed it...😂

Vor 3 years
Willy's Stuff +6
Willy's Stuff


Vor 3 years
Kimar Kurosaki +7
Kimar Kurosaki

Ayoooo 😂😂😂😂

Vor 3 years
Geekin It with JimClassic +1
Geekin It with JimClassic

I keep forgetting how funny this is. This skit is one of the few good things to come out of Disney Star Wars.

Vor 16 Tage
karley harris +1
karley harris

Honestly I would’ve died laughing during the entire time I was trying to do the episode.

Vor year
Randy Gonzalez +5
Randy Gonzalez

Adam Driver is just a Talented Actor. He stayed in Character even when some of the scenes he could've Broke!? 😆👍 👏👏👏👏👏 Best line : "Jerk Face "!

Vor 4 Monate
Bolo Bolognese +1
Bolo Bolognese

I can't imagine the amount of control and endless revisions the writers have to endure to do something like this with Disney.

Vor 2 Monate

without this skit we woulda never had the hardest video game boss ever... rick the door technician

Vor 2 Tage


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