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    League of Legends Memes about Evelyn and her camps
    League Meme made by us League of Hardstuck 🦍 (StefanSemmel)

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I had to upload the Video again because it got blocked in some countries/regions 💀 ~ Stefan

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When Evelynn lost her desire:

@EveryReviewer +3

Now make one with her lore accurate response 👀

@rorschac009oo8 +1

Characterwise, Eveyln would have considered "can you suck it" to be an absolute win

@Samu01 +672

Not the perfect Evelynn nails following every micro hand movement💀💀💀💀

@STR13R +615

Shit, why are your memes always so fucking funny!? Best sub I've ever made.

@faizaahmed3438 +40

That flash at the end is so accurate 💀

@itsralphhh02 +189

I'm weak "WhhAaatT? 💀

@HeisenbergFam +174

Its nice of bro to ask her politely to help him with stamina training

@SandySalesman +104

add some xp and ill do it

@s.slayer0124 +35

Lmao it's the flash at the end that makes it funny for some reason

@letmepass650 +47

Only thing more abnormal than Jax players .. Evelynn players

@mei-ling6898 +4

Fun fact:Evelynn is a virgin

@kronkdonkus7288 +13

"babe wake up league of hardstuck posted again"

@tylerjing5235 +16

She's more like Tahm Kench than Evelyn haha

@LBEfication +6

That Flash caught me off guard lmfao 🤣

@codezer0670 +4

that flash was personal 😂😂😂😂

@omarotaylor +3

That flash killed me 😂😂😂😂😂


he is such a kind soul. give a woman a fish and it feeds her a day. teach her to fish and you feed her for life <3


Thought she was talking to soraka for a heal lmao

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