Silbermond - Lebenszeichen (Laut Gedacht Live DVD in Oberhausen)

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    Sign of life
    Good day
    Have you met before
    Or why do you look at me this way
    Is it because my hair is longer
    And can listen to loud music even
    I am into Iron Maiden, you dance to Techno beats
    I drink my coffee with dregs
    But that is no reason why we should not get to know each other
    And you'll see we can still understand each other
    Is there someone out there
    Is there anybody out there
    And if you're not going my way
    Come here anyways
    Give me a sign of life
    When you are alive
    Take out your flare pistol
    Shoot a signal for me
    Give me a sign of life
    And let me know who you are
    That is a sign of life
    Get up and take a position
    They always say birds of a feather flock together
    Aren't all of us somewhat of the same feather
    Even if you spend your money for th tanning bed
    And I prefer the polar circle
    So don't judge a book by it's cover
    Because it's the pages connecting us
    And on them it's written in black and white
    Everybody will find someone someday

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