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    Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB,) is one of the most notoriously successful, yet controversial, Japanese car tuners to exist today. With his army of modified Porsche 911’s, Akira Nakai has built a world famous tuning company-frequently circulating through automotive press giants like Speedhunters, Hoonigan, Illest, Fatlace, and Auto Otaku. From his first Rough World AE86’s, to Porsche 930’s, 964’s, and 996’s, many find his modification techniques to be…. well, rough!

    Grab a Stella and your air saw, and sit back in your leather armchair, as James Pumphrey tells the story of the REAL Nakai san, and the history of RWB.

    HUGE thanks to our friends Brian Scotto of Hoonigan, and Rutledge Wood of Top Gear USA, for introducing us to their sweet...sweet RWB Porsches. And to Dino Dalle Carbonare of Speedhunters, for hooking us up with the inside RWB scoop, and this spicy RWB Rotana image for our thumbnail.

    Brian Scotto: Hoonigan

    Rutledge Wood

    Dino Dalle Carbonare
    Check out his article on the RWB Rotana!

    Also thanks to the following channels who contributed footage! We love you all--check them out!

    Poisoned Studios

    Peaches. One Universe & Dawittgold

    Hartnett Media


    Drift Academy


    ►Episode Chapters:
    00:00 Rough World
    05:26 Can I Get A Stella Artois?
    09:08 Coming To America
    13:45 The Akira Nakai Experience
    20:44 Rauh-Welt Future

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