Nintendo's E3 2011 Conference Reaction

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    DeoGenZ EntertainmentDeoGenZ Entertainment

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WCHvids *
WCHvids *

@spongmario ill be there! lol

Vor 7 years
DeoGenZ Entertainment
DeoGenZ Entertainment

@WCHvids Bring it to the livecast on sundays! I don't debate however, I discuss ideas.

Vor 7 years

$250.00 or more is the price range.

Vor 7 years

Wii U is not just a controller, it's a system. Google it or look it up on IGN or something, they show it.

Vor 7 years

Even If you are not a Nintendo fanboy. Nintendo still won E3. So don't worry about your bias. I even got my friend who's a massive microsoft fanboy to admit it.

Vor 7 years
WCHvids *
WCHvids *

@spongmario i dont want to get into a youtube debate with you lol

Vor 7 years
DeoGenZ Entertainment
DeoGenZ Entertainment

@Peanutz996 Go to the Nintendo E-Shop and scroll through until you see "Pit" from Kid Icarus, tap that and it should allow you access to the videos

Vor 7 years
DeoGenZ Entertainment
DeoGenZ Entertainment

@WCHvids Evolution=Science, not belief buddy

Vor 7 years
WCHvids *
WCHvids *

so you think we came from monkeys hu? lol oh well the beauty of america is everyone can believe what they want also the new controller looks sick especially with tht ninja star demo thing in the trailer

Vor 7 years

I can't wait for luigis mansion:) , btw how do you watch the trailers ? I couldn't find them at the Eshop

Vor 7 years
Adam Shear
Adam Shear

Very interesting but Wii U IS A WHOLE NEW SYSTEM! It's not an add on for Wii. It will most likely be kind of expensive (between $300-$400) but there can only be one Wii U controller per system. Multiplayer will require Wiimotes. Overall I think its awesome. Also the 3DS trailers are amazing! Seeing them in 2D does not do them justice at all. They need to be seen in 3D. I gotta get in contact with Matt and we all need to do an E3 episode of GamersCast. If you're interested, let him know.

Vor 7 years
Ridley Fights
Ridley Fights

great vid man

Vor 7 years

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