Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 1 | FREE FIGHT | UFC 279

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@sacredcow61 +6

Nate getting up, face completely covered in blood, flexing his arms could be one of the most iconic moments in the sport of UFC. Just legendary

@DrBeauHightower +20

What a time to be alive. Probably the most excited me and my friends had ever been for a fight, but especially the pre fight trash talk. Iconic.

Vor year
@BushWookie603 +604

Joe screaming "HE TAPPED!!!HE TAPPED!!!!!" And Nate getting up breathing heavy thru his lips, mean mugging, flexing, blood dripping down his face, adrenaline like none of us will ever know. Incredible man. I've watched this 30+ time and it never gets old

Vor 28 Tage
@rmdozer6383 +1

My favorite fight of all time. The feeling after all the trash talk. Nate was our champion and he came through like a real G!

@skyflipz7642 +455

Man watching both of these guys in their prime is insane, Nate’s just an absolute tank and Connor being so poised, the way he works the head movement and baits in shots is unbelievable, 2 all time great fighters and definitely one for the history books

@yzwme586 +560

Nate, all bloodied up and pushing off Conor's back to get up in victory, flexing the double bicep then walking right towards the camera taking his mouth guard off talking his shit, is a top 5 MMA moment of all time.

@seabass5484 +35

“He has done it!” “HE TAPPED! HE TAPPED!” Conor was such a force of nature back then he seemed unstoppable. It was almost unbelievable when he lost.

Vor 14 Tage
@qwwupp4763 +321

What a fight 😂 I was in absolute shock. I had Nate winning but really late into the fight.

@justino6627 +202

It never gets old “you’ve taken everything I’ve worked for motherfucker” and then he came and took it back. Nate, just doesn’t get better.

@danbaker7640 +54

This was literally the perfect way for this fight to go. Nate did it for the real fans.

@y2j863 +51

Essa luta foi maravilhosa, de tempos em tempos eu volto aqui pra rever.

@sidtoler9725 +4

Nate is the embodiment of “Does not matter how hard you hit, It’s a matter of how hard you can get hit”

@cachemoney8825 +9

Honestly when watching this when it aired Nate Diaz really stunned the world all things considered. An absolute legend in the game up there with Anderson Silva, GSP, and Ice Man.

@themonsterbaby +114

Watching this live was crazy. Like this happened DURING Conor's run. He had already won the belt at 145. The 2 fights with Nate happened and then he won the belt at 155 and then fought Floyd in the second highest selling boxing ppv of all time, then fought Khabib for the highest selling mma ppv of all time. Like this shit happened DURING his rise to being the biggest mma star of all time.... and Nate fucking beat him. You really had to be there to realize how epic this shit really was.

@luisfalcao2681 +6

Guerreiro de aço esse Nate Dias! Resistência igual não existe. Parabéns! Sou teu fã Nate!

Vor 21 Tag
@kevinschultz4518 +5

As amazing as everything about this fight was, I think my favorite part looking back is the class shown by both at the end of the fight. We know these are 2 of the biggest trash talkers out there. Wouldn't have been surprised at all if they hadn't said shit to each other afterwards. Thanks for the history fellas

Vor 2 Tage
@NativeAm1 +64

Every time I feel down I turn to this fight and instantly feel better😉

@JayeKole +14

You could physically feel it when the momentum shifted to Nate. Such a dope ass moment in the sport's history.

Vor year
@againandagainau +17

Still makes me cry tears of joy for Nate & all good dudes.

@reesharacing6073 +22

The way Nate punches Connor into the choke is so badass. Such a great fight.

Vor 21 Tag