John Oliver-Introduction Erdogan vs Böhmermann

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    The Case Jan Böhmermann Part 1
    Comedic introduction and roundup by John Oliver on the case
    Recep Tayyip Erdogan versus comedian Jan Böhmermann
    on HBO "Last Week Tonight".
    After vigorous reactions of the Turkish administration
    on satirical German broadcast "Extra 3" and the "Erdogan Song",
    Jan Böhmermann reacted in a show
    and explained the difference between an unprohibited satire
    like the "Extra 3 Erdogan Song"
    and a smear poem, not permitted in Germany.
    To bring it home what a not permitted smear poem is,
    he performed an Erdogan smear poem,
    which later became a political and juridical issue initiated by Erdogan.
    On a solo run, against Cabinet of Ministers,
    Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted double lawsuits
    intended by the German lawyer of Erdogan against Jan Böhmermann
    to be summoned to court.
    Chancellor Angela Merkel invoked to follow the legal framework,
    critics say she bypassed legal framework already before,
    barged in with a phone call to Ankara earlier on.
    On a final note,
    the critical perception of Chancellor Angela Merkel`s
    "dirty refugee deal" with Turkey and her spineless politics to keep it up
    brought up the issue of an overlay on constitutional rights like freedom of speech.
    What is not known, Turkish citizens reported some time later,
    in Turkey the preamble of "satire vs smear poem" was cut
    and solely broadcasts the smear poem.
    Cutting the preamble is expected to be used as propaganda
    to pretended a pure act of offense against the leader of Turkey,
    to call nationhood and to tie up a divided country
    by arguing not only Erdogan was offended but all Turkish people.
    The prompt question is,
    how could it be comedians (in this case)
    have to fight for constitutional rights
    which is a mandatory instruction to politicians ?
    © "Last Week Tonight" HBO

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