Israeli army blows up Gaza tunnnel, security

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    Nizmit, Gaza-Israel border
    1. Explosion of tunnel in the distance, pulls out to wide of smoke
    2. Soldiers by observation tower
    3. Top of tower with Israeli flag
    Nizmit, Gaza-Israel border
    4. Tank manoeuvring, directed by soldier
    5. Row of tanks
    6. Soldiers by tanks
    7. Tank being driven off truck
    8. Group of soldiers
    9. Military jeep passing by
    10. Soldier checking passing vehicle
    11. Wide shot of police jeep parked in street
    12. Soldier checking Palestinian woman's ID
    13. Wide shot of police checking passers by
    14. Police in street
    15. Police car parked by bus stop
    Israeli soldiers on the Gaza border on Monday blew up the tunnel Palestinian militants used a day earlier to carry out a deadly attack on a military post.
    A thick pillar of black smoke hung in the air after the blast.
    The tunnel was detonated in response to a daring pre-dawn raid by Palestinian gunmen on a Gaza border crossing, which ended in the killing of two soldiers, the abduction of a third and the death of three of the Palestinian attackers.
    It was the first such ground assault since Israel pulled out of Gaza last summer (2005).
    Palestinian groups have said the attack was in part retaliation for the killing of several civilians in Israeli airstrikes this month.
    Israel blamed the Hamas-led government and warned that militants and their leaders will be killed if the abducted soldier is harmed.
    In Gaza City, dozens of relatives of Palestinian prisoners on Monday urged the captors of the Israeli soldier to resist efforts to free
    the man, saying he should not be released until Israel agrees to a large-scale return of jailed Palestinians.
    Meanwhile Israeli police tightened security in Jerusalem, inspecting cars and checking documents.

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