iPhone 15 Pro Review - It's not a phone anymore..

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    New iPhone 15 Pro is here and it's more than just a phone..
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@MrNemis2003 +1

I love Justine’s videos, and how professional she has become, but I do miss her old unboxing videos where she used to go crazy with new products😂

@TimeBucks +822

Love that new simple packaging design to peel off the two tabs

@hydrargyrumm +281

Now this is an entertaining review, its not always about expensive cameras you use to shoot the review, its about using the product itself! She has become so good at reviewing!

@CarlyHenriquez +155

Justine!! What an amazing video you produced. You gave us the beautiful studio shot, took us along your day through the vlog, gave us the camera comparisons, had a whole scuba diving portion, showed us a TIkTok video, and gave us so much information that we needed about the new iPhone 15 lineup!

@nmocini +5

Thank you Justine - Great demonstration of the new camera features. You can still get us excited for the new iPhone no matter how incremental the improvements. I have upgraded every year since the first iPhone release so its like an apple tradition for me watching your iPhone unboxing and reviews prior to the release. Awesome that you showed off the Titanium Blue iPhone Pro - that is the one I pre ordered!

@triumphwithtristin +4

You're so great at what you do. I've been watching for years and you have become my trusted source for Apple tech. I've never had an apple watch but now that I'm taking my fitness more seriously that added with your review I'm ready to grab one soon & the iPhone 15 pro max 1TB. Go, Justine! Thank you for creating quality content.

@puckplayer219 +6

This is such a good video, even beyond just the review. The Wes Anderson part was hilarious and so well done. There are so many tech YouTubers out there and I love that you really let your creativity and personality shine!

@Choop757 +39

I love your reviews, I do indeed miss the old silly unboxings. You’re definitely my favorite reviewer hands down! I check your reviews daily as soon as a new phone drops lol


This review feels like the next level of YouTube content! Profesional, entertaining and personal. Well done iJustine 🌸

@mooresheri +36

I love that we can now remove photo/video to an external drive 🙌🏻🙌🏻 that is a game changer for mobile content shooting. Also I love how you go in depth with the night shot photos, that’s my favorite part. I noticed on 14 pro max how great the night shots were… now they are even better! I spent my undergrad doing night photography so it has a special place in my heart. Keep it up Justine!


Justine, I feel like I'm compelled to say variations of this every time I watch a full review of yours, but it really does astonish me every time how you manage to find and communicate "truth" (however apt that word really is when we're talking about consumer tech products hehe) so much more elegantly and effectively than the rest of us tech media adjacents

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@tlc9938 +3

I always love watching your reviews because I love your enthusiasm! I learned a little bit more about the new iPhone without watching the entire Apple introduction! Thank you!

@zzz4082 +10

So glad that the camera quality are so similar compared to my 14PM, and grateful with Apple for letting us also get the HEIF formats😊

@TallysVids +3

Great video Justine. I'm so glad I went with the natural titanium colour after seeing it in your video, looks stunning. I usually get the space black, graphite, and I immediately loved the natural titanium. I must admit another reason I liked the natural titanium was that I really liked the titanium colour of the Apple Watch Ultra, and your side by side showing this was very helpful.

@danielrupp-fernandes4172 +5

i already have an 13 pro and it still performs great, but i really like the dynamic island. It’s so cool. Now with the brushed titanium frame it’s really difficult not to upgrade 😅

@AllYellowJoshua +134

From receiving her iPhone 5, to being the first in line for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to perfectly introducing iPhone X to now making a video with the new iPhone 15 Pro with an underwater review! iJustine is a legend in all of iPhone History! YES💛☀️💫YES💛☀️💫YES💛☀️💫

@chrisli86 +1

Accidentally stumbled across your channel, and I am blown away by the quality of your content. Beautiful pacing, seamless editing, great choice of music integration, and you’re also so eloquent!

@amitnagpal1985 +3

Stellar content. Breath of fresh air compared to other tech reviewers.

@njoud0 +1

i always get excited about their new colors but end up with the black, every time. i just like how it gives a subtle look of contentiousness with the screen. it's a small thing but it matters 😝 not to mention black is literally the coolest color ever it does not disappoint.

@MikeC19100 +1

Very nice overview of the iPhone 15 and it’s camera/video capabilities. If you get the opportunity, could you do one going over the other features and how they compare to the iPhone 13 and 14 Pro Max models? I have both and am considering upgrading the 13 Pro to the 15 Pro Max. It would be awesome to see an in depth overview of how you setup the camera and video settings to get the best from this new model. I’m still a newbie to the LOG features and what they are, but they sound helpful over the long haul.


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