I made a 12,000 page bookbinding abomination

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    One book just isn't enough - so I decided to rebind all the 14 books in the Wheel of Time series into one huge bookbinding abomination, with a total of 12.000 pages.
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@DanielGreeneReviews +10

Having this sent to me right when I’m building my new bookshelf was just perfection. THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH!

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@devinpeacock7940 +9

“Stupid projects require stupid solutions” needs to be on merch

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@marmeia8207 +988

I'm a book restorer, and I can already tell you that some other book restorer will get this book in 200 years and be like: wtf.... how am I supposed to fix this

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@buzznovo4779 +231

She's like "Omg look at this dumb thing I made" and it's the most masterfully crafted beautiful thing I have ever seen.

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@jxmijn +388

This is the first nerdforge video I’ve ever watched and it’s filling my nerdy little heart with fuzzy feelings i live this so much

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@krayzoman +159

She made the Wheel of Time into a literal wheel. Utter madness, I love it.

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@Sourdemonbitterdime +343

I would normally not support the destroying of book covers but she turns all of their projects into a masterpiece.

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@caret_shell +22

He should have a lectern made that stores the book inside of it, with the two covers resting on a double-jack system. Then with a dial or a lever or something, the reader raises one jack and lowers the other in tandem, which allows the pages to turn forward or back while leaving the open page at a constant height. It could be a very snazzy way to actually read it.

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@dirtygurty4 +14

God, I hope Harriet McDougal and Brandon Sanderson get to see this absolute masterpiece!

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@ColorwaveCraftsCo +32

I ❤ the fact that you came up with this ridiculous idea and still made a polished and professional-looking finished product out of it. This channel is just plain amazing.

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@blondlibrarian +6

You can use sandpaper to even out the edges of the books so that the pages match perfectly. It's a trick we use in libraries to get rid of stains on the edges of paper but it also evens out the page edges.

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@BEdmonson85 +2

The Wheel of Time series is literally my most favorite series of novels ever!!! I'm so jealous! That binding looks amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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@Aerosklice +1

I'm a professionnal bookbinder who graduated from école Estienne and I must say this is some great stuff, I can't wait for this monstrosity to be seen in a few decades or centuries in a rare book fair. Us bookbinders love funky shapes and systems. This is for sure a great fit. I'm pretty sure we all asked ourselves at some point "what if the text block was much wider than the spine is long ?" and this is a perfect example.

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@Forest4877 +5

Watching you take apart books was a little uncomfortable at first but WOW the final product is absolutely amazing! I’ve never heard of that series before (please don’t come at me people - I’ve been busy raising tiny humans to read new books) but the artwork and craftsmanship you both did is amazing!

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@juliusroman8616 +1


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@Veezyjung +9

The level of talent on display in this video is just incredible.

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@dawnbaker9274 +7

This needs its own reading table. It is awesome.

Vor 14 Tage
@creslinwest9243 +2

I have never been so happy, as soon as you said a youtuber who shall not be named... yet. And then when you told us you were shipping it overseas, I knew it was going to be Daniel. I am already subscribed to you both.

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@TheStevesterX +1

Am I the only one who thinks that Martina's at her best, and funniest, when she takes on projects that immediately makes her regret her life choices? 🤣

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@mitzy183 +7

how martina and hansy do this is beyond what my tiny human brain can figure out! you two are a damn good team of makers !!!! i cant believe u made something even the author of the series would be jealous of <3

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