I Built Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

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Imagine being handed $500,000 for impressing Gordon Ramsey

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@Jakerton +12

I genuinely can’t even wrap my head around how amazing this is. Jimmy you’re amazing, thanks for everything you do.

Vor year
@SmartDoctor1 +444

Jimmy's videos have transformed into high-octane action-packed blockbusters by now 😂

@HarmonyofNature25 +1

The amount of effort Jimmy puts in his videos are crazy much respect

@user-cu3ok8ij5b +180

This is incredible. This shows you what you can do with a lot of money and a wholesome soul. You can have fun and change people’s lives.

@Maayan_uni +612

The fact he was filming this while he was doing a fast challenge and hasn’t ate for 12 days, this man is legend.

@yarzarlinnsart6208 +60

Jimmy you’re amazing, thanks for everything you do.

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@forrestsautoreviewsofficial +10

This is absolutely INSANE. This man is a legend.

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@idk-ew9tl +1

Я даже не представляю сколько денег и сил ушло на эту шоколадную фабрику выглядит невероятно Как всегда всё на высоте

@mitch-lawless +779

Gordon Ramsay judging the food had me in stiches.

@Vanek_465 +39

Well done Jimi, the chocolate turned out very tasty

@The_void4004 +197

You somehow managed to get the world’s best chef, and you were complemented by him,

@elenioliveira8027 +20

Parabéns menino Mr beast pela sua simplicidade,humildade , inteligência.... Sou brasileira e vivo em Portugal,meu filho é seu admirador e passei a te seguir tbm!!! Que Deus continue te abençoando

@IsaiahGarza +2

This is straight up ridiculously awesome. Jimmy is a inspiration and goes above & beyond with his craft!!!!!

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@snorkz455 +497

This dude was destined to win the challenge.

@Zaiku0 +39

Meu sonho é que o Mr Beast venha pro brasil, na moral você é incrivel :)

@user-nn9ws8ff9q +5

We are running out of words to tell you guys how awesome you are. Mr. Beast is just out of this world.

@ConnorTVofficial +2

The world is a better place with MrBeast in it. That was amazing!!!

Vor year
@mick3199 +128

I'd love to see more of the behind-the-scenes elements that go into these videos.


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