COMPLETE Tesla Guide for Model 3/Y

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    Andy SlyeAndy Slye

    Ultimate Tesla Owner's Guide for Model 3 & Model Y in 2021. Sponsored: For your chance to win a Tesla Model 3 and support a great cause enter at
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    0:00 Tesla Owner's Guide
    0:45 Exterior
    5:19 Omaze (Sponsor)
    6:24 Interior & Controls
    10:26 Touchscreen
    30:12 Tesla App
    35:35 Charging
    40:11 Driving & Autopilot/FSD

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    Tesla Model 3 Support Videos:
    Tesla Model Y Support Videos:

    Ordering a Tesla is super easy - you can do it from your phone in less than a minute. But the only downside of this is that it's up to you to learn everything about the car. It can be intimidating because a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y is essentially a computer on wheels. This video is the complete guide to owning and driving a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y in 2021 so you can master it in under an hour. We'll go over the following: exterior, interior & controls, touchscreen display, software, mobile app, driving, autopilot, and full self driving (FSD).

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