Coding a Custom Minecraft Horror Dimension to Keep a Secret

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    A modded Minecraft video like when doctor4t / RAT made a mod for ClownPierce and unleashed him on his SMP, added an airship to trap an entire SMP or turned Minecraft into a horror game to scare DE-filmrs, inspired by content like Fundy and Mysticat with narration like rekrap2 and Parrot / ParrotX2 from the LifeSteal SMP.
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@doctor4t +2

Check out the new Honkai: Star Rail 1.5 patch and their console update here!

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@purplehaze2358 +2

The fact that, buried far beneath all of this so out of sight that you need to look at the code to see it, there's a pixelated PNG of a cucumber is very amusing.

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@blackrapier713 +17

The fact that the liminal pools are a french territory is objectively the scariest part of this entire dimension

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@FailedNorSeling +3

I like how once they saw the locker room, they assumed they were places to hide, which made it even more scary for them

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@thefenresgamer666 +674

As someone with thousands of hours in subnautica I can say, the adult grandgousier triggered my adult ghost leviathan ptsd.

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@Seafowl +1

I love how right after mentioning the pools are French territory, Rat starts talking about how to escape

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@Frosty-yy7oq +453

As someone with thalassophobia, I must congratulate you. Watching the first showcase of level 3, not fullscreen, on my second monitor, shot up my anxiety 10000%. It's remarkably effective. Great job!

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@minecraftperson8412 +3

Rat is probably the only person I've ever seen who will solve problems with an entire dimension of thalassophobic horror

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@shiveritealt3966 +1

The pov of Winsweep when the Adult ate his friend was amazing! A quick panicking scream coming from the depths, unsure of what's happening down there, and then all of a sudden, the tips of enormous jaws snap from the abyss. And silence. Absolutely phenomenal.

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@simplesguy6591 +1


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@TaliLovesFrogs +359

The leviathan grandgouiser is actually terrifying. The juvenile ones are scary enough as is, but to just swim down not knowing whats there and suddenly being swallowed whole not able to escape as you're too slow, that's seriously horrifying

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@AmethystSky_wcue +330

You should 100% make this mod public I am sure people (incluiding myself) would love to play it!

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@santiagomendez246 +116

As someone who's rarely fazed by scary things because I've played and watched a lot of horror stuff, there's very little things that actually scare me anymore... one of them being exactly all of the things in this very video: being in completely dark waters, surrounded by, what appears to be a void of nothingness but is not, and the dread of knowing there is something you're not sure what is, and it is

Vor 21 Stunde
@IgnusComedentis +2

You should add a "Minor Gouser" to the overworld and its just a normal anglerfish.

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@ghostboi11104 +153

I never understood the hype with minecraft servers, but if all server owners are like this guy it must be really damn cool

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@shwackedshmeat6519 +123

I keep coming back to this, crazy how much effort was put into this mod just to tantalize some friends! Hope this mod gets released publicly soon, the atmosphere in the dimension is insane.

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@ezik_0612 +58

I love how Winsweep is making a whole campaign to hunt down rat, but then rat is like "you fool! You activated my trap card" and traps him in backrooms dimension

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@draconius3718 +66

Their attempts to escape on level three had perfect horror framing lol. Nox swimming up just enough for everyone to see the gargantuan leviathan chomp him. Running away and then them turning around and seeing only the skull of their friend. Fantastic stuff!

Vor 14 Stunden
@sparking023 +55

what I find amazing about this experience is how you threw them into that whole new dimension without warning. No wikis, no guides, no roadmap, just... jump into the portal and good luck.

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@user-sz6oj6jo6k +5

Every time RAT uploads, my expectations are exceeded threefold. Started from a scythe, now he makes his own dimensions?

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