Claudia Kessler - Für die Erde ins All (der Blick aufs Ganze) // GLOBART Academy 2014

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    Dauer: 24:23

    Since 2008 CEO of HE Space. Aerospace engineer (MBA). Worked for more than 20 years in the international space environment.
    Since opening the first HE Space office in Germany in Bremen in April 2004, she has built it up to become one of the most significant suppliers of engineering services to the space industry. Co-founder of Women in Aerospace Europe and she is passionate about supporting female high flyers in their career development. Member of the International Aeronautical Academy (IAA) and a board member of DGLR.
    Listen to her speech and get an idea and an overview of space topics. Why should we struggle for investigating space? Should the human being leave earth to survive? What about getting to Mars? Find some ideas for answers here!

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