[4K] Watch SpaceX launch Starship, the biggest rocket ever, LIVE up close and personal!

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    This is the second fully integrated full stack test flight of Starship and the mighty Super Heavy booster, the largest and most most powerful rocket to ever fly. It produces over twice as much thrust as the Saturn V that took humans to the moon.
    The goal of the test is to get further along than IFT-2 in April 20th which didn't make it to stage separation while also hoping the improvements to the launch pad hold up better than the previous attempt. If all goes well, Starship will re-enter near Hawaii about 90 minutes after it lifts off from Starbase, TX, nearly completing an orbit of the Earth. This would allow the teams to test the reentry profile and heat shields for the first time from orbital velocities.
    Want more information? Check out our Prelaunch Preview written by Austin Desisto - everydayastronaut.com/starshi...
    Want to know where to watch this live? I made a video on how to visit Starbase and where to watch a launch from - • How To Visit STARBASE ...
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    00:00 - Intro
    03:30 - Q&A / Prelaunch Preview
    35:10 - Unhosted Night Views
    5:04:55 - Q&A
    7:23:15 - Sunrise
    7:32:30 - Liftoff!
    7:35:20 - Hot-staging / Stage Separation
    7:40:55 - Flight Termination
    7:49:45 - Tracking Footage Replay
    7:57:20 - Q&A / Reaction
    8:31:55 - Over-shoulder Reaction
    8:49:20 - Q&A
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